Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #13

January 24, 2020

He turned down the chance to play James Bond. This real life English aristocrat was offered the role, and said no. He had been previously burned by a screen test and wanted nothing more to do with Hollywood. If he had accepted the role, would he have still been involved in a murder that still touches things many decades later. The names of those that assisted him escape accountability litter the black book of the billionaire pedophile. They gave him money and new identities. Apparently our wood be actor hired a hit man to kill his wife. He didn't want a divorce, he wanted a fresh start with a very young wife who would do as he said. How did he know a hit man? Well, our would be actor was a titleholder who enjoyed gambling a great deal. He gambled every night. When one gambles every night and is not that great at it, one needs loans from time to time. He would get loans from unsavory types and do favors for them. He also did favors for the head of a news conglomerate who was probably also a spy. The head of that conglomerate was the one responsible for the various "sightings" of our would be actor over the years. This led to police forces chasing all over the globe and wasting their time. So, when the hit on our would be actor's wife went all wrong and the wrong woman was killed, he was sent into hiding by those closest to him. Not so much to protect him, but to protect all the secrets he knew about them after years of paying back his loans from intelligence agencies, mafia and media publishers.

John Bingham aka Lord Lucan/Robert Maxwell

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