Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #20

April 2, 2020

When I was watching the highlights last night of the battle between Scott Storch (still alive and bloated) and Mannie Fresh, I was reminded that Mannie wrote and produced and did everything for those hits. He was putting the words into the mouths of others to rap. If they didn't want to, he would find someone else who would. Originally, rappers and hip hop artists wrote their own lyrics. That changed though. It changed when the people who felt threatened by words, decided to take over and decide who said what and who heard it. They decided who would be a star and who wouldn't. They also needed some huge names to make sure that happened. So, the mogul brought in another mogul in the same line of work and got the alliterate king of the west coast scene involved. After decades of playing ball, that west coast king got paid a few years back with that monster payoff. On the east coast, they got the the permanent A+ list rapper. He is also the person in charge of a lot of the laundering which is why he never seems to have as much cash as he probably should and why there are well over 150 companies that have some association with him and his "partners." Through these two rappers, they were able to control levels beneath them like a multi level marketing deal. New people brought in were under the leadership of someone else until the group beneath got too big and then a new leader would be chosen and they would be in charge of others and so on.

You kick back up the ladder and the record companies would do even more screwing over leaving artists with not a lot of cash flow, but a lot of cool stuff. In return for the fame and the money and the stuff, you were told what to sing or rap and you just do it. If not, someone else can be brought in and you can go work a real job. Or you could also end up dead.

Meanwhile, the two moguls that started this whole thing continue to have money pouring in and the messages they want sent to the listeners are filtered down through all the levels. It is not mind control. It is however messaging and a way to exert control and a way to make a ton of money and deprive artists as much as possible from what they are owed, so they will always have to keep working and obeying.

David Geffen/Jimmy Iovine/Dr. Dre/"Beats"/Jay Z

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