Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #8

January 30, 2020

With the upcoming nuptials, there has been a lot of back and forth with friends on this side of the Atlantic. That leads to golden gossip. It can also lead to some shocking revelations. Several months back, this royal pedophile used an outlandish excuse as an alibi. The excuse seemingly was pulled out of nowhere and no one believed a word he said. It was interesting he chose that particular establishment because a friend of his offspring was going to be in the offspring's wedding until it was mentioned. The reason for pulling out? Well, at one point in time, he did take the kids there and also some of the kids friends. This would have been about the time he was allowing his way underage daughter to spend time with the billionaire pedophile. A female friend of the offspring was along for one of the dinners to the establishment mentioned and said the royal cornered her in the female restroom and groped her and penetrated her with his fingers while trying to kiss her and telling her that he knew what she needed. While this was going on, someone started banging on the door because they needed to use the restroom and she managed to get away. Several times after that night, whenever she would see him, he would always try and kiss her, but he never got close enough to do what he had that night.

When she heard the name of the restaurant, that was it for her. Apparently there was a huge argument about her going to the police all these years later and this is what has led to her departure from the wedding party.

Prince Andrew/Pizza Express/Princess Beatrice

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