Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #22

April 6, 2020

After two massive bombs this past year, this studio is really desperate for a hit. They have a franchise that is solid gold but has run into big issues while filming in Europe. They got shut down in Rome and had to rebuild part of Rome on a soundstage which was ridiculously expensive. The head of the studio's European division hired two "producers," one of whom is the mistress of the President of a country. Yes, he calls her his stylist, but please. The studio and the producers want to blow up a bridge. These two "producers" with the connection to the President of the country are supposed to help. The bridge is 100 years old. The town where it is located told the studio to go to hell and gave it a higher conservation level just to make sure it couldn't be blown up. So, the studio threw even more money at the federal government and President of the country. They want to blow up the bridge. The President gave permission to blow up the bridge and work has begun to blow it up. The head prosecutor in the country is investigating the bribes and corruption but will probably be bribed themselves. The studio also paid to make sure no negative stories about the bridge or even stories about the bridge show up in the media. When the A list mostly movie actor makes his rounds of the the talk show circuit to promote it, do you think anyone will ask him about it? Nope. They are all cowards.

Paramount/Mission Impossible/Poland/Tom Cruise

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