Friday, July 03, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Reader Blind Item

January 30, 2020

Sex traffickers and other criminals using celebrities as front people and also for their ability to travel is not a recent invention.

A number of decades ago, this foreign born strikingly beautiful female became a beauty pageant winner then a successful model while still in her teens.  At this time, two things happened 1.) She made a lot of contacts with the criminal underworld in her native country 2.) She was introduced to drugs.

On the latter point, she was what is called a functioning addict. She used on and off throughout her life but it never interfered with her career. However, it did damage her health and was a factor in her relatively early death. It was also a factor in a near fatal accident she had.

From modelling, she became an actress first in her own country then in the USA.  Her biggest success was in the first of a number of film reboots of this TV series. She adopted a stunning look for this film and was on a lot of magazine covers.  After that, her Hollywood career tailed off and she returned to film and TV work in her home country.

She also started doing a lot of work for her criminal contacts particularly in facilitating the trafficking of young girls. International charity work, which she did a lot of later in her life, was a good front for this and at any given time she was often seen in the company of five or six young girls who were in the process of being transferred to wealthy clients.

The actress/model herself was not very sexual despite a couple of marriages (second one was a bearding arrangement) and public romances in the US with a politician known for a car accident and also her co-star in an action film, an actor known for the lead in two different franchises .  This was the result of rapes she endured when first entering modelling as a teen.

Persis Khambatta (India, Star Trek, Ted Kennedy, Sylvester Stallone)

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