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Blind Items Revealed #1

January 27, 2020 and January 28, 2020

Several months ago, Bani forwarded the contact information of someone who had a story to share. Because the contact came from Bani, I assumed it would be someone with a yachting story. It promised to be a good yachting story, but not much else. I was wrong. In a series of messages over the course of late last year and early last year, I was introduced to a person I will call P.

P came to know Bani because many of her family members have used his services. When she once started to tell her story to him, he told her to pass it on to me. It has been well over a decade since she was told the story by someone she was married to out of an arrangement, but definitely not love. That being said, she went into it with an open heart and mind. It was only a few months into the marriage that she saw she was just being used to deflect and distract. It was during that marriage that she was told/discovered/looked into something she has been carrying ever since. I am not the first person she has told the story to, but others told her to keep it to herself and what could anyone do about it now.

It started nearly twenty five years ago. A chance meeting between a man we will call B and a woman we will call C. Legend over the past twenty five years was that the meeting was chance. That is not the case. B had been trained for his role and he was ready and he did his job. His job was to sweep C off her feet. He was going to get one chance and he took it and knocked it out of the park. C was crazy about him. Right from the beginning, she was smitten. A few months after they first met, C had to go to NYC to accept an award. C was always getting awards. C was a permanent A++ lister even back then. Her understanding was that B was going to stay away and not attend because he was always staying in the shadows. He never wanted to be seen. He never wanted to be photographed. In addition, apparently he had some visa issues and it would just be easier for him to stay home.

So, imagine the surprise of C to see B in NYC when he said he wouldn't be able to make it. B had always planned on going to NYC, but the "surprise" to C gave him a great cover. Despite them being together in the city, and this wonderful romantic gesture, B only stayed with C one night and told her he had pressing business and had to return back as quickly as possible. The thing is though, he didn't return home. He met with some friends of his from his home country.

Throughout the next few months, C rarely left the side of B. When B said he had to return to his home country in the spring to see his family because of an illness, C insisted on coming. This was a huge deal. B had not planned on C saying yes. B had meetings with some people he previously met in NYC and needed to keep a low profile. This was the complete opposite of that. He had no choice though. Instead of getting away to meet with the people, he invited them to his family home and introduced them to C as relatives. In all of this C seemed to have forgotten all about the "sick" family member that necessitated the visit. She hadn't, but that wouldn't come out for some time.

As spring turned to summer C had another trip to the States. Part of the reason for her traveling at that time was B said he was going to be very busy for the next few weeks and even might have to go home and see the "sick" family member again. He did go back to his home country and he also made another trip to NYC. His visa problems had been solved because of his relationship with C.

B and C were together in bed in the middle of the night when the news broke about a horrible tragedy that killed hundreds of people. Apparently B, instead of being in shock about the whole thing decided this would be the perfect opportunity to have sex with C. There are some gaps in some parts of P's story and this was one of them. Not so much a gap, but one time she was told by B that C had said no and B forced her. A different time, B said C thought it was amazing to have sex during the middle of the night.

The middle of the night sex was the beginning of the end of the relationship between B & C. At that point, he began to pull back. He was trying to lay low and talked about moving to a different country to see what that was like. It was very hard to keep a low profile because of who C was. The press was becoming more interested at a time when B was really sweating his involvement in that tragic event. P isn't sure if he provided money and his expertise, or was even more deeply involved. From what she was told and pieced together, P thinks that B was the person who was the day to day manager of the operation, but probably not the person who initially conceived of the idea.

For her part, C couldn't understand why B was pulling away when C had done nothing but show unconditional love and support and ready to make a permanent commitment. Slowly, C began digging into B a little more. Why would he disappear for a few nights without any warning, and while gone, not be in touch. P doesn't know much about things from C's perspective because all of her knowledge comes from what B told her. Apparently C suspected B was cheating or already had a wife and family in one of the many countries he was always traveling to. This caused C to use her connections to dig. This went on for many months. Around Easter that year, the couple had a very big fight about what he had been doing and then at the beginning of May, there was another argument where she confronted him about things she had discovered. B decided to publicly break with C so she would stop trying to look into his past and what he was doing when away from his normal profession. It didn't work. Instead, C reached out to a friend of a friend who put her in touch with someone who knew everyone in the Middle East. That person connected C to someone. P doesn't know who it was. B would always tell P that C found out from someone what exactly happened. Maybe an intelligence agent. Maybe someone who knew about the operation. All B knew was that C called him and told him she knew and that she was deciding what to do. That hesitation because of her love of B cost C. If she had gone right away to the media or police or anything, it would not have given B enough time to put a plan in place. Compared to the plan of the previous summer, this was a piece of cake. Those are the words he told P. B said, "it was a piece of cake." It took two bribes and a spiked drink and a passerby with a strobe light. Done and done. P said B was cold and very matter of fact about what he had done. It was time to pick up and start a new life. The problem was he was not given that chance and for a decade had to play a role he hated. That hate grew. It was at the peak of that hate that P came into his life. He released that hate on P and told his stories. P was miserable. She often thought she wouldn't make it out alive, but had powerful protectors that B would never cross.

P: Jemima Goldsmith Khan
B: Hasnat Khan 
C: Diana, Princess of Wales 
Tragedy: TWA Flight 800

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