Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #29

April 14, 2020

During the height of news coverage on the opiate crisis, the Vancouver Island production set of a streaming service show was rife with hard drug use. The project attracted a large pool of Vancouver local crew with promise of huge budgets, expectations of being the next TV event (i.e. "the next Game of Thrones"), and opportunity for individual and departmental technical/artistic recognition (huge budgets for sets, costumes, makeup, etc).

The remote location also facilitated rampant (untested) hard drug use. At least two department heads were supplying cocaine to the set. Three separate crew members asked about recourse when they were fired for NOT partaking with their department head.

Crew members were advised still on the show to acquire naloxone kits, and it's a good thing those kits were present. Early during what was to be a long shooting day the director who has been in this space before pertaining his sexual assaults went MIA. The director was gone for hours and the first assistant director took over before the director was found in the bathroom unconscious from an overdose.

No news regarding this has been published, and conversations with local union reps made it clear no action would be taken.

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