Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #7

February 25, 2020

Yes, this permanent A list celebrity was sick. Of that, there is no question. However, there were at least two people who wanted her dead much more quickly than nature was doing on its own. Much like the alliterate talk show host, our celebrity was forced to share a life with a woman who had been the long time paid mistress of our celebrity's husband.

The mistress wanted money and the only way money was coming in bunches was the death of the celebrity. The mistress made the husband shut down revenue generators because she wanted the working capital for the businesses in her pocket instead. She would steal the clothes of the celebrity and sell them in consignment stores. The husband knew all of this was going on but lives and breathes for the mistress who is a former escort.

The mistress would terrorize the celebrity every single day and night. Neighbors who would come over and people around their small town have heard the she needs to die now comments the mistress would make to the husband. There needs to be an investigation. The death coming as it did, was super convenient for the mistress and the husband.

B. Smith/Alex Lerner/Dan Gasby

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