Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ava Thinks Reese Is A Waitress

My Golden Globes date Reese Witherspoon might be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but she keeps it all from her daughter Ava. It's not out of any fear that Ava might enter show business and run into people like Ryan, but rather, because Reese just doesn't want to waste all her favors in Hollywood by trying to score Hannah Montana tickets. That's right. Reese is afraid that if her daughter finds out Reese is in show business that she will make her mom use her connections to get tickets.

First, how would her eight-year-old daughter know that being in show business automatically gives you connections and that her mom would be in a position to take advantage of those connections? When I was 8, I could barely read, and was fascinated with how high I could swing before the swing set came out of its foundation.

Yes, I know the world has changed and today's 8-year-olds are like my generation's 25-year-olds, but still I think it's a stretch.

So does this mean Reese won't even take Ava to Hannah Montana? Is she going to make her stay home and listen to a bunch of crap from her school girl friends? Perhaps Reese will buy a pair on E-Bay and sit with the masses in the balcony just to prove a point. I don't see that happening either. I think the best thing would be for Reese to simply buy Miley Cyrus for n hour or so and have her accidentally show up at Ava's house because she's lost.

Hey, when I was 8 I would have bought it. Of course at 8, I also thought dirt was a crunchy after- school snack, so what do I know.


weezy said...

Are you kidding, ENT? Unless Ava's classmates are Tibetan monks, they can probably get themselves comped at any venue in the business, better than you can. What do you think they use those cell phones for, caling their nannies? Please. said...

Way to build trust with your kid! They don't just get over great big lies.

If Mommy will lie about her work what else will she lie about?


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