Monday, October 15, 2007

Donny Osmond Almost Busted For Drugs

If you don't think that stars and publicists won't do just about anything to reshape an image, just take a look at Donny Osmond. In a recent interview, Donny Osmond said that he was so desperate to shake his goody goody image that he and his publicist conspired to get the singer arrested on a drug charge. Everything was all set up, but then at the last second Osmond backed out of the plan. I'm guessing the thought of spending even a few hours in jail is probably what changed his mind. So if he was arrested then he could have done the fake rehab thing and found someone he could have sex with in the bathroom at rehab and come out of rehab and spill his guts and admit his past wrongs, but now he was a changed guy. He could make up stories about the times he used drugs and how they were the reason he kept hitting on his sister. It would have been really good. Instead he stayed the same boring guy known best for singing Puppy Love.

I guess that means the drugs were probably kept by the publicist and no doubt thrown straight down the toilet.


Khemenu said...

This mentality is probably really common. "Bad" behavior is a sure way to get press. Then you have the innevitable "redemption" story which builds you back up and people will want to see you succeed. So you can go back to being the "good guy" but with "bad boy" street cred.

The Robbie Williams school of PR.

Hez said...


And curse you Donny, it's time for me to Take Back the Sock Drawer. Purple is for everyone, not just you!! said...

its not very often I'm speechless. How old is this guy??

Does this mean the Gilligan thing was all a sham?

Tracee said...

Hahahaha! What a geek! Why even admit that? Just goes to show that geekdom is not a teenage's a disease.

[Cue Sally Strothers]

"Please help the geeks of the world. It might be too late, every 5 minutes a geek is born. for just 10 cents a day you can save a child from being a complete idiot and saying things that they have no buisness to say." Heeehehee!

jax said...

My god..I have the original Donny Osmond doll...dressed in his purple jumpsuit with the pink accent..good god man pull your self together.

Great now the next time I pull out that doll its probably gonna ask me for a dollar and a hit off my bong.

Hez said...

ROFL Jax. I had the Marie doll. She had this insane purple dress like a figure skater. Pill addiction came separately, I believe.

We are officially older than dirt. ;)

Anonymous said...

Donny Osmond sucks cock.

Melody the First said...

I had the Donny AND Marie dolls -- AND the Flying Nun doll. I'm older than all of ya.

Incidentally, Donny (then aged thirty-something) was once heard referring to dog shit as "poodle pooh-pooh". No, I'm not kidding. I wouldn't be surprised if the people around him did drugs, though. You'd have to do something to survive a fresh hell like that.


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