Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Photos Part One

John Mayer and Sharrod Small. John looks like he's going to a funeral. When I turned 30, it was a hell of a party. Met wife #4 at it. Made out with her in a corner. Of course doing all that in plain sight of wife #3 was probably not the best of ideas.
Also not a good idea. Hayden Panettiere all of 18 at the Saks 5th Avenue cocktail party. Well I doubt anyone was being carded.
Ciara in Seoul doing press for her concert at the Woo Bar. I love that name.
Mmmmmm. DJ. Candace Cameron Bure is all grown up.
I almost went to Mel's Diner yesterday. Then I heard that the girl from The Others would be there and so I declined. Seriously, that girl in the door is seriously freaking me out. Not freaking me out like the kid hiding behind the wall in Three Men And A Baby, but still freaking me out. Oh, and Victoria Beckham was there too. If you notice in the window's reflection, some guy knew she was in the place, went home, made a damn sign and brought it back.

The people playing with Prince William are all over 6 feet tall. He's just that big.
Minka Kelly not at John Mayer's 30th birthday party. Hmmmm.
Matt Damon's wife must spend a fortune because Matt has been telling anyone who will listen that he would never do another Bourne movie. Well right after he saw how much a kid cost, he was all, "where do I sign?"
Well we had the Cruz sisters yesterday for my fantasy porn. Any takers on Lance Armstrong, Jeff Corwin, Matthew McConaughey and Dr. Sanjay Gupta for your fantasy porn?


__-__=__ said...

No porn for me, thanks anyways.

Tracee said...

I just take Matt thank you! DJ looks good, where' her hottie brother...wait? Is he still hawt? We need some investigating.

Ent, where's the frontal Depp pics? I've been waiting patiently. [whistling, twiddling thumbs] ;)

kellygirl said...

Wow, Candace Cameron turned out very well.

Minka Kelly is adorable, hopefully she's over the John Mayer thing.

Prince William looks like he got the Dork gene from Pops.

The little girl behind Posh is probably just scared to death that some kid is being nabbed by a Robot. She probably had nightmares of being blinded by a nipple

Tracee said...

Kelly, I totally thought that about that little girl. It looked like a movie still from a horror movie! ROFL!

jax said...

I'll take the first three but Gupta can prescribe the pennicillin for later.

Miss X said...

What's wrong with Gupta?

DJ still looks like DJ just a bit older. I loved her show.

I think Cruz (AKA mini-Becks) is adorable.

jax said...

Gupta has the crazy thanks.

Unknown said...

Ent, what have you been smoking to make that remark about Prince William?

kellygirl said...

Tracee, Kurt Cameron, Candace's bro, lives right by me. He is still cute and his wife is a knock-out BUT they are psycho-style Evangelical.

but they have adopted a busload of kids and they seem to be trying very hard.

I'm just not a big fan of any extreme religiosity

mab said...

hayden p has looked so sad lately. i wonder whats up?

Bruce said...

As a gay man, I'll take those 4 for my fantasy porn! Hot DAMN!!!

Miss X said...

Let's see Kirk C's adopting kids, still with the same wife, not doing drugs, out partying, etc. What's so bad about his wanting to be so religious? It isn't like he's couch jumping and telling women with PMDD they just need more vitamins.

Yes, I'm "religious" but I don't cram it down people's throats. It's a free country, everyone can have their own opinion.

As for Hayden, I saw a pic of Kristen Bell from this event and she looked much better than Hayden.

MaryJane said...

If Victoria Beckhams tits are so real then why is one sqaure on top?

Unknown said...

Maryjane, I don't think anyone with half a brain thinks Posh's boobs are the least bit real. They are the fakest looking pair ever bought!

jlb said...

lmao Bruce - my first thought was "Thanks Ent, but no gay porn for me". :)

__-__=__ said...

Gupta's crazy eyes scared me too!

Tracee said...

Kellysrikus, that's good to hear. I'm glad he's keeping it hawt and he's still married and he hasn't been popped with a DUI? Wow, he bucks the child star curse! Good for him!


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