Friday, October 19, 2007

Cross Dress For Your Boss?

Well it's not as bad as that, but close. As our society goes deeper and deeper into never denying our kids anything, (see My Super Sweet 16) this one stands out.
I was going to go off on parents who do anything for their kids and will spend vast sums just to get them into a Miley Cyrus concert, when you know that she will be right back again next year. Then, I started thinking back to the days of Cabbage Patch kids, Tickle Me Elmo, and adults going crazy for their kids, and so maybe this Hannah Montana craze for tickets isn't that unusual. I think what makes it more unusual is that the other toys were for kids for Christmas and indulgence at Christmas isn't that unusual.
In this case though, this might be going too far. A local radio station in St. Louis held a race where men raced against each other for 50 yards in a pair of high heels. Eventually 150 men in heels showed up and when all was said and done Matt Austin won the event. It turns out though that Matt Austin doesn't have any kids, or none he wanted to win tickets for anyway. No, Matt Austin ran the race for his boss who has a young daughter. Now. If the boss is in a wheelchair, blind, or is just disabled from overexposure to Paris Hilton, then I apologize in advance.

However, if the boss is just a fat ass who knew he couldn't win, and "asked" his employee to do it, then the boss is the king of the jackasses. As far as I know all the other men in heels were all dads who were making a fool out of themselves for their daughter while this guy gets a marathon drag queen to do his running for him. Hell, the boss will probably just end up selling the tickets on E-Bay for $3000, buying a CD for his daughter and telling her Miley Cyrus canceled the show and is a pregnant lesbian.


jax said... parents way overindulged me with the Cabbage Path Kid grampa waited in a Sears warehouse at 2am waiting for the shipment...wait for it..of TWO DOLLS. It was then shipped back to Vancouver from Winnipeg wrapped up like a real baby 'in flight' because at the time they were being stolen from courriers and luggage.

thank mom and dad!

But yes it is wayyyy worse these days. Anyone see the Oprah with the Mom who booked manis and pedis every week for her 4year old AND bought her diamond earrings? Talk about guilty single working mom syndrome!

MnGddess said...

That mom on Oprah was a stay at home mom, but she was totally ridiculous. She also bought clothes at reg price and sold them a couple weeks later at a garage sale for an eighth of the price...

My daughter wanted those tickets, and she hates Miley Cyrus! She wanted to see the opening act, the Jonas Brothers. Needless to say, she can wait for a Jonas Bros concert..

kellygirl said...

I know moms living check to check whose daughters have True Religion jeans, Ugg Boots, Mac laptops, iPhones.
These are the same moms who will be buying the $3,000 HM tickets.
BTW, in 6 months their brats will hate HM and laugh at the fact that they went to the dorky concert.

Lisa said...

I must be the cruelest mother that has ever lived! My children are 19,18 and 16 and I have NEVER paid the kind of prices for stuff these parents do. When my oldest daughter graduated from high school my husband and I got her a pearl necklace and earring set. As far as clothing goes I don't spend crazily as they outgrow it to fast. They have also gotten jobs of their own and help buy their own so that they understand and respect them more. If they want to attend a concert they can buy the ticket!
I can't begin to fathom the attitudes of self entitlement of most kids now. The kids that my children hang around are so shocked that mine have to earn the things that they get is astounding and so funny. It is so amusing to see them freak about the fact that my kids work and have chores at home. I have actually been accused of abusing my children because I have made them learn how to cook, clean and mow the lawn!
I fully understand the concept of wanting to give our children more than what we had and also the issue of positive reinforcement. But sadly from what I now see it has went to far to the extreme. When schools no longer fail a child because it might hurt their growth and to hell with the fact if they can't read or write. All kids make a sports team even if they can't do whatever sport it is. I mean good grief when will it stop!
Sorry this was so long but this is really something that irritates me.


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