Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Melanie Griffith Is An Idiot

Melanie Griffith has come out and said that the reason she started drinking alcohol and taking drugs as a teenager was her genes. They made her.

So one day, when she was about 12 or 13, her genes reached up inside her and said, "pssst. Melanie before you get old enough to go have sex with your boyfriend and his daughter, why don't you drink that alcohol that's sitting over there on the counter. That's right. Drink it all up. See that line of white powder sitting on the counter. It's not flour. Snort it right up your nose."

It's amazing how prescient those genes are when it comes to knowing exactly what you want and who the hell you will have sex with in your future. I do actually believe genes do play a factor on whether or not you are susceptible to being addicted or more likely to be addicted, but genes don't actually decide whether or not you start doing the drugs or taking the drink beforehand.

If it is all about the genes, then her daughter Dakota must be sitting around her bedroom right now with a syringe and a 40.


__-__=__ said...

I think she meant jeans. Didn't we all start drinking when we started wearing jeans?? Wasn't that about the right age? I mean, before that weren't we all just wearing pants??

Karen said...

My mom used to say the rock group Kiss was responsible for all the bad things teenagers did. So she must have been talking about Gene Simmons.

jin said...

so was it HER genes that made her get teenage tatum oneil high on opium and then bring her into an orgy or were those TATUM's genes??

seriously though Ent: there IS a genetic basis to addiction but it still being explored by scientists.

It is generally accepted that genetics play a role in increasing the suceptibility to addiction (therefore there needs to be environmental stimuli as well).

jin said...

and btw blind item lore suggests dakota johnson has a problem with crack cocaine.

wood1107 said...

So I can blame my genes? YAY! I thought it was just a lack of willpower, or possibly church.

Anonymous said...

just another person who doesn't want to admit that it is their own damn fault.

jax said...

Ya genes do play a part..half my Dad's family is in AA and the other half should be.I hardly drink.

Now drugs...that's a whole other story.

Seriously though Mel..blow me.
Oh wait you need your genes to tell you to do that first.

EL is right..genes keep you doing drugs they don't get you started.

Unknown said...

That is just one example of her stupidity. She's basically brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Melanie isn't the same since she stopped getting completely filled by Don Johnson's big schlong.


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