Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Like I Needed Another Reason To Dislike Elizabeth Hurley

If you own a business and are dealing with a celebrity, rule #1 is make them pay the same way you make all your other customers pay. If you want to give them free stuff, then do so, but don't think that because they are celebrities you need to change your normal billing practices.

Unfortunately for the good folks at the Cotswold parish of Winchombe, Gloucestershire they are learning the hard way that celebrities will dine and dash or grab and go just like other people.

The Reverend John Partington normally charges a fee in advance for the use of his church for weddings. When Elizabaeth Hurley and Arun Nayer got married there the Reverend decided he wouldn't ask them upfront for money, and instead assumed they would donate afterwards.

Big shocker here. They didn't do anything. I'm sure they will say it is all a misunderstanding and thought their people were taking care of it. That's what celebrities always say and it is a bunch of crap. If they are big enough and want to give away enough of their earnings they might have someone who pays their monthly bills like mortgage, and credit card statements, etc., but they always have a checkbook and always have credit cards. ALWAYS.

Partington, who relies on fees from weddings to pay for the bills and church maintenance within the parish, has revealed that Hurley has still not paid him.

Parish treasurer Sue Williams has insisted that a donation is normally expected and the fact that Hurley had not paid anything has left them upset.

She said: "We do normally charge a fee before a wedding blessing. There are a number of costs we have to cover. I think the arrangement was less fluid in this case but it was advised something is normally paid."

She added: "Maybe we were naive and should have stuck with our normal charges. We’ll know next time she gets married."

You have to love Sue Williams, and realize as she does that Liz Hurley is probably good for about four more marriages in her lifetime.

If Elizabeth Hurley goes out and buys and piece of clothing or anything for herself. If she takes one trip or flight or goes out to dinner before sending this parish their money, then I will find the ugliest photos of her that I can and post them everyday.

She and her husband know they haven't paid. They know that they stiffed the parish, and they just don't care. They only care about themselves and would have NEVER paid anything except that this is now public. Hopefully they will do the right thing here.

I was reading the new Joe Strummer (former Clash frontman who passed away) biography last night and there was a quote from Joe that sums it all up here. "Celebrities are no better than anyone else. Just because I have some talent that serves no real useful purpose doesn't make me better than anyone else. It's not like I'm out developing new proteins or vaccines or something."

Pay up Liz.


__-__=__ said...

OK, maybe the parish should have known??? From Wiki:
Arun Nayar was previously married to Valentina Pedroni, a model from Milan. He divorced Pedroni in 2003 with a reported divorce settlement of £700 ($1,372).

I just detest cheap people. And it's not like I have money either.

jax said...

When you've spent a good portion of your life living off men instead of supporting yourself it should be no surprise that Ms. Hurley is a cheap biotch. That lil meal ticket with Steven Bing didn't really pan out now did it Liz?

kellygirl said...

it's so grotesque when RICH people behave as though they should get anything for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what worthwhile thing has this bitch ever done in her life, exactly? Not that Hugh Grant is the prize of life but I'll bet she is one high maintenance piece of shite

Anonymous said...

And you wondered why Hugh Da Man Grant preferred blowjobs from nigger street hookers when he was living with Hurley Burley? She's always looked like a fucking tranny.


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