Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ELLE Magazine's 14th Annual Women In Hollywood

Wanda Sykes was the hit of the evening last night and everyone wanted to meet her and talk to her and spend time with her. A truly amazing person and a mouth like a sailor.
With Ali Larter and actually everyone, there was a backdrop they were supposed to use for photos, but this dirty ass corner was the most popular spot and as usual Ali looks amazing.
Eddie Izzard making the introductions to Elle Magazine's Robbie Myers and her breasts.

I am beginning to think that Josh Brolin's only job is to accompany Diane Lane to events which is why they are probably always nit picking at each other.
Ben Foster did not have a good time.
Amber Tamblyn did as much as she can have a good time at anything Hollywood related.
I'm getting used to the dark hair on Alyson Hannigan but it still sucks compared to the red.
You would never know it to look at her but Kate Bosworth knows about a million truly dirty jokes.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus probably looked better than anyone at the event including Scarlett and Jessica. Seriously.
Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. I kept staring at Jennifer's hair all night because I thought it was a wig.
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
I think Jessica Alba knows now that zippers get caught on things. That's all I'm saying.
"Hey Topher Grace. How would you like to make $500? All you have to do is rub Scarlett's ass while you get your photo taken together?"
Scarlett Johansson before said groping.
Molly Sims is down here towards the bottom, but that's only because she has been in the blog so much that people might get the wrong idea.
The great, the wonderful, the one of a kind Lauren Bacall.
I wasn't going to post a photo of Kristen Bell but I really liked this dress and wanted everyone to see it. So unfortunately Amy Adams got bumped, but she will be on real soon. In the meantime you can see Amy in The Office Seasons One and Two and of course in Junebug for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.


__-__=__ said...

Bacall looks great for 83! Kristen Bell's dress is amazing - wonder where it came from??

Bryn said...

I think there's a blind item or two in those photo comments. What's with the "zippers get caught on things" in the Jessica Alba photo?

Miss X said...

I love Kristen Bell's dress. Thanks for posting that one, Enty.

mooshki said...

Aaargh, that's a hard one! I also love Kristin Bell, but Amy Adams should never get bumped!!!

jax said...

Kate may know 1000 dirty jokes but i'd love to introduce her to FOOD.

She looks sick. and not in a good way.

Unknown said...

Lack of food & being a hardcore coke addict will do that to ya.

Town Bike said...

Scarlett does nothing for me - she looks sooooo dumpy here

Angela said...

"The Office" and "Junebug" as Amy Adams's credits? You forget "Talladega Nights". Her monologue in the movie was one of the best scenes in it. And she got more screen time than in her entire Office story arc.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Kate Bosworth is getting scary-skinny again.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Bacall still sucks a mean cock.

De said...

Aw, I love Eddie Izzard. He can talk to my breasts any day.

Say hello to Eddie girls...


YahMoBThere said...

I LOVE Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She's an heiress, but she has too much class to live like the other celebutards who are waiting for mommy and daddy to drop dead.

Unknown said...

Alba's got a belt around her waist, suggesting that if it gets caught on anything it won't go all the way down.

She's probably wearing a bra anyway.


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