Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Justin Doesn't Talk To Britney, But His Mom Does--Last Britney Post

I'm kind of taking a break from Britney Spears. She's tired and overworked and I'm not just talking about what you think I'm talking about. I know she turned herself in today and that is newsworthy except that we knew she was going to do it a week ago. SO who really cares. Who cares if she bares her crotch again and again. Like I said above, as much as she has been using it lately, it probably needs the fresh air.

In all of that, there seems to be one bright spot. Well actually two, and that is moms. Britney's mom appears to have never broken the faith and is there even though you know she has been treated like a big bag of dog crap by Britney.

The other mom is Justin Timberlake's mom Lynn Harless who has taken into popping in on Britney several times a week. It seems as if Britney is a little scared of Lynn and wants to always make a good impression with her. So, since Lynn knows this, she generally will call Britney several hours before she comes over or sometimes even the night before. Over the past several weeks, Britney has been on her very best behavior when she knows Lynn is coming over.

Why does Lynn come over? Lynn said: "I love Britney to death. "She is a sweet girl. I just hate what she is going through."

We all do Lynn and that's why unless she kills herself or does something truly off the edge, I'm not going to talk about her. Have you noticed how many blogs have stopped talking about Paris Hilton? It's now down to a normal rate of stories and Paris is doing everything she can to try and get attention, but no one cares.

Britney lives from the attention of paps, and gets them all to do her bidding. BUT, if no one bought the paps' photos because no one was posting them and no one was writing about Britney, maybe it would make Britney get better a little sooner.


MnGddess said...

First of all, her dress appears to be on backwards, and secondly, she needs to take those boots and throw them out. Cowboy boots do NOT go with everything.

Thank God her mom's still hanging in there for those babies.

I'm afraid if I see her in LA there's gonna be an altercation. Especially if I've had one or ten cosmos.

kellygirl said...

YES, I have noticed that many outlets seem to be shunning PARASITE and nothing could make me happier. We all know it's not by her choice. What kind of stunt is she going to pull to get their attention.

I think most of the population would like to see the same thing with BS.

ENOUGH already!!!

Production Girl said...

I agree with your logic of not writing about her.

I sure don't miss Paris. Actually I've forgotten about her until you mentioned it.

jax said...

I agree we should ban the train wreck but unfortunately she's not like Paris. She is a mess and the paps are only courting her for the money shot to line their pockets..why else are they pumping her gas,buying her shit..she's got them on the payroll!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Amy Winehouse needs to turn Brit on to the joys of ballet slippers

Anonymous said...

Please, let's boycott Parasite Hilton and Shittany Spears. No more coverage, please.


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