Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Now what the hell do they put in Suri's bottle? I think I read something about barley. Is there hops also because then I want some.
I want you all to remember that Jessica Biel was named the sexiest woman in the world just three years ago. Now she looks like one of the Hanson brothers.
This is a really good look for Heather Graham.
"Hey Jess. I borrowed your credit card to get this outfit for myself and while I was at it, ordered a hooker for tonight, so I'm going to need you to not come back home for awhile."
OK. So Zac Efron is now 20 and I want him to do something. Anything other than going to buy coffee. I don't care if he starts chain smoking or doing Micky Mouse up the butt, I can't just take another 20 years of him like he is now.

It's not often one can feel sorry for Victoria Beckham, but there are not enough drugs on the planet to make it bearable to sit on a plane next to Mel B all the way from LA to London.
Rumer Willis reverts back to fug. I really thought she was making a break for it, but she is now back to square one.
Peaches Geldof learns about the new reading program sweeping the world. Hooked on Dicknics. A more advanced version of Hooked On Phonics.
Orlando Bloom decides that whole car driving thing might not be the way to get around LA.

8 comments: said...

Do I smell a blind vice answer that ISN'T Affleck after all?

rakemama said...

I don't care if Suri drinks Makers and Coke, why is it still in a bottle?!

kellygirl said...

Orlando Bloom looks like he's pulling that car.

He is a perfect example of the exact opposite of:
"cleans up well"

he only looks hot with long hair and a goatee and messy clothes.

Anonymous said...

jessica biel is way hotter than all the fat chicks at my work who say she isn't attractive at all.

Hez said...

ZOMG!!! Rumer Willis is fug, but look at the chick behind her in the gold w/green accessories!!

Must. Have. Those. Shoes! Total YUM!

d said...

Orlando Bloom: what is with guys wearing low rise jeans? That is so.... feminine. Ick.

Unknown said...

Heather Graham looks overly botox'd.

kellygirl said...

Hez, if you get those shoes, PLEEEZ pass on the tied-to-match clutch. That is straight-up bad bridesmaid


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