Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bree Tierney Needs Her Own Intervention

The blog world has been buzzing today about the fact that Lindsay Lohan broke up another relationship. I'm sure you read all about it from both sides, but I do have a little something to add that I heard from someone VERY close to the situation. It seems that Riley Giles and Bree did date for about two years.

The insider added, "Riley needed to go to rehab and his family staged an intervention. He needed help and is really glad that he got the help he needed. Bree didn't want Riley go to to rehab because she felt it would cut into their fun and ruin their relationship. Bree was extremely jealous and felt that Riley would come out of rehab a changed person and not feel the same way about her. When she told Riley what she was thinking, Riley broke off their relationship two weeks before he entered rehab. Lindsay knew about Bree, about the relationship, and about the situation. Lindsay has known about Bree for two months and knew that Riley and Bree had broken up which is why she was okay with dating him. The stories Bree has been telling the media and press are all lies. Bree is the one who needs help. She also needs an intervention to get her life back on track."


Khemenu said...

One day dementia will set in and all the important memories and knowledge in my brain will be eaten away. I'll be left with this shit. Bree Tierney and Riley Fucking Giles.

The cultural miasma of Lindsay Lohan's vagina.

PaleBlackSheep said...

Ha Ha . of course they broke up before he went into rehab, but that doesn't sell as many papers as she didn't know anything about being broked up LMAO

Mother Campfire said...

Does anybody really care?? I don't. In fact, I'm ashamed that I'm posting in a LL story comment section.

but seriously.... said...

Please, somebody do an intervention before this girl dies of stupid!

jax said...

Sweetie if you date someone for 2 years and he ends up in rehab take a long look in the're either an accomplice or an enabler.

Either way girlie you ain't never getting that man back now..sour grapes go well with Vicodin.

Russki Dan said...

All of these people are trashy, pathetic losers! They're a real life soap opera and it makes me laugh just to read about them! Give me a break, Lindsay Lohan is desperate and disgusting. She's an uneducated twit. And judging by her new "boyfriend's" correpondence with his ex Bree on MySpace, he's a complete moron as well. He has the spelling skills of a 3rd grader. Gross. Good riddance. These two pieces of sh*t deserve eachother!


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