Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tori Spelling Making Up For Not Getting Daddy's Money $1 At A Time

I'm all for selling out. I think that if someone is willing to pay you money for something you are doing anyway, then why not. What I oppose is taking money for something you have not used, will not use, and have no desire to use. I'm not sure where Tori Spelling and Nutri System came together. Tori is running around telling anyone who will listen that NutriSystem is how she lost all her baby weight. Seems it just wasn't coming off and so she called NutriSystem and lo and behold, the weight just started disappearing like the wedding ring on her finger.

Tori didn't look that heavy even right after she gave birth. I think being the extremely smart businesswoman that she is though said, "hey, what kind of food can I manage to shove down my throat for a few months that I can tolerate and will pay me the most?" Enter NutriSystem.

I must admit that I have tried NutriSystem in the past and shelled out my $350 for one month. The food was delicious, just not quite enough to satisfy my hunger cravings. I know you are supposed to lose weight if you stick with the program and eat only the meals they send you. Well I ate all the meals they sent me and I didn't lose any weight. See, I managed to eat the entire 28 days of food in about 5 days. I know, I know, but I kept wanting to try the different things and so would open something and wouldn't want it to spoil so just ate it.

It was kind of like washing your hair; open, eat, repeat.


Unknown said...

Ent, you are hilarious! He he.

jax said...

Eat less move's ain't brain surgery Tori.

I hear ya on that EL...I opend mine when it arrived and I was like "cool they send appetisers"

Two days later I'm like "Hello Nutri Nazis..where is my damn entrees??"
"Oh really? That's all? um..ok bye" said...

Does a Nutri-System food supply count as swag?

Miss X said...

Tori S is a pretty sauve business woman...well, she's becoming better. Shelling out her own $ for the B&B, not doing enough research on B&Bs to realize they wouldn't be making $, well, that wasn't so smart. I bet she learns from her mistakes.

Kelli said...

Ew first of all nutra system is disgusting. i tried it and had a month's worth of food sitting in my house forever. And Tori is probably ordering from the zone or having her own chef whip her something up, not that horse shit. If I cant eat it, I highly doubt Tori Spelling will be choking it down.

J said...

First of all almost everyone on here said it was good and your the only one who did not like it so do you think maybe there is someting wrong with you? Second everyones bodys are different, some things work for some and not for others(diets) so maybe your doing something wrong and ofcourse you don't like it because it's not a cheese burger! Until youve eaten at Toris house n seen what she eats I think you should keep your speculations to yourselves!


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