Thursday, October 18, 2007

Salma's Baby Daddy Has Some Of That K-Fed Sperm

Francois Henri Pinault, better known as the daddy to Salma Hayek's recent bundle of joy seems to be spreading his seed in more than just Salma. Recent reports are that FHP may be responsible for the one-year-old daughter of supermodel Linda Evangelista. Linda has always kept really quiet about who the father of her daughter is, but may have started the whispering herself. Maybe she needs some attention or money. Maybe she wants the world to know that FHP is no different than a K-Fed, or maybe Linda was just bored one morning and wanted to see if the world would all fall for some joke.

My guess is that FHP will be kissing a little Linda ass in the upcoming weeks to make sure this little story goes back underground and doesn't dampen FHP's reputation in the fashion community and to make sure none of his future impregnation prospects gets wise.


Kitty said...

Another Fwench man strays. Bfd.


Not Impressed said...

I find it interesting that no one even knew anything about him till Salma Hayek fessed up to her baby daddy. Methinks lil miss desperado wanted a sugar daddy! Trophy gf!

kellygirl said...

trixxixie, he was famous before Salma. In the international fashion and business worlds, he is kind of a big deal.

If he is supporting Linda's child, she should probably just keep her business private.
He is one of the wealthiest men in the world and extremely powerful in fashion, which is Linda's scene.
I doubt it's her leaking this said...

He must be packing in the trousers as well as the wallet!


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