Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Photos Part One

It looks like Carmen Electra got some work done. No, look up. Not down there. Doesn't her face look really different. Maybe she just lost some weight or maybe it is just because she needs to wash her hair, but she looks different.
Any chance you think that the Cruz sisters will start doing porn together?

"Yes honey. I'll remember to put the toilet seat down. Yes. I'm sorry you fell in again."

Jesse James doesn't look like he is having too bad of a time at the Heatherette Fashion Show.

A blast from the past. Janine Turner. When she was on Northern Exposure I don't recall her being quite so busty. Maybe it was all those winter clothes or the fact that I just couldn't get the idea of Shelley and that old man who owned the diner getting it on. Try and get that image out of your head when you are trying to entertain yourself.

Is Naomi Campbell pregnant and someone didn't tell me? Who is the stoned looking chick next to her who looks like she would sleep with any old junkie who crossed her path while still trying to model despite the fact she seems to age by the second?
Another blast from the past. Lauren Holly rocking those fishnets. To me she isn't sexy though. It's kind of like if Kathy Lee Gifford started sporting a pair.
You know what would be cool. If they made Grumpier Old Friends.
Nicollette Sheridan. Is she or isn't she? I know I have different definitions for A list television stars and goes more by length of service than actual fame, but do you really think she is A list? Hmmmm.
Naomi Watts did just have a baby right? She looks incredible.
The one thing I can say about Richard Simmons is that he always makes me smile. I would buy a DVD that just had his appearances on Letterman because they are gold. Gold. Don't get me started on his little meal on the cards thing though because that just didn't work at all for me. I ended up using them as coasters.
After Richard Simmons and no Johnny Depp full frontal, may I offer at least a little Tom Welling for your viewing pleasure. Notice how he struts even when home alone.


Pinky said...

Pssst - Naomi - you put your legs on backwards.

And thanks for Tom Welling. He's the new Keanu Reeves. Can't act but hotter than hell.

MnGddess said...

Actually, Naomi looks like she wearing a dress made from one of my aunt's crocheted blankets....

Happy B-Day, Pink!

jax said...

Meh...Tom Welling shoots Smallville literally down the street..nice guy but yawn.

Janine Turner..gues what she does now? Christ Yoga..yes Christyoga. I cut out the add and have it up in my office becasue it is hil-ar-ious..doing yoga wiht giant crucifixes etc in the background.
Jay-sus says downward dog.
"Promoting faith AND fitness"

talk about multitasking.

jax said...

ps Carmen got banged..i mean bangs. Makes all girls look diffenret.


califblondy said...

Is that a hint about BI's and Nicolette? I'm terrible at figuring these things out.

Miss X said...

I'm more A-list than Nicolette. Not really. But, you don't really consider her A-list, do you?

Naomi Campbell, pregnant? Let's hope not.

Enty, please post more Zachary Quinto. Maybe with some gossip/stories about him. Pretty please? ;) :*

pebbles said...

Yup, as Jax said, Carmen got banged. Kate too.

featherbell said...

Yes; something different about Carmen -- beyond the bangs, I mean. She's lost her upper lip. She's got that Meg Ryan-type smile, now. Botox?

Anonymous said...

a cruz on cruz porno, that would sell.

Unknown said...

Carmen looks good

ms_wonderland said...

Ooh bitchy bitch about Kate Ent! Are you sure you're a 400lb guy living in his Mom's basement?

Hate Naomi watts shoes, even if they are Laboutins (sp?)

jax said...

(clicks on PA system)



Julie said...

hmmm....i would not consider her A list, but! I would like Mondays BI to be about her, still.

Edie + Housewives = EH....totally a stretch, but I'm going for it anyway.

oh, and shes been around forever, she just won't go away. lol, so that leads me to believe she could possibly be *shrug*

Anonymous said...

Janine Turner always looked busty to me, but I have nothing up top, which is one of the reasons I live in the Midwest. Less need of plastic surgery to get dates.

Anonymous said...

Beckham looks like he just swallowed a sour load.

__-__=__ said...

I see Penelope had work done on her snout at some time.

So Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry were the ones who had a falling out?!?!?!

Where is Sandra Bullock! Is Jesse there with a model?!?!!? What's up with that? Heatherette seems a bit young for him.

Can Tom Welling find the gym? Someone give him directions please!

budford said...

Janine always reminded me of Marily Monroe.

Tania said...

I guess the fact that Zach is (in the words of the late great Peter Cook) 'a self-confessed player of the pink oboe' doesn't stop the ladies window-shopping. If you're never going to afford it anyway, what does it matter if the dress don't fit?
I fancy John Barrowman, and you don't get much out-er than that! ;-)

Unknown said...

Janine Turner's girls may or may not be plastic, but her face sure looks cut up.


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