Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Courteney Cox doesn't really go for the whole dress and heels thing when picking up Coco from day care. Obviously she hasn't been made aware of the new standards of dress that all moms need to follow when picking up their kids from daycare. Coco is going to be like 8 feet tall I think.
Halle Berry looks incredible. Seriously incredible.

Yes, Angelina Jolie is filming a movie, but can't you see her looking just like this in about 50 years?
Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are going to dinner here. I don't know what made Janet look like she is going to ride horses or Jermaine look like he is going to be the host at a strip club. Do you think Janet flashes on her brother Jermaine at all when she calls out Jermaine's name during sex. This assumes of course they have sex.

Hilary Swank does a good deed here, but I get the feeling from looking at the photo, that (a) Hilary was thrilled to be recognized. (b) that the girl didn't recognize Hilary and would have preferred to meet Zac Efron.
This is Keri Russell after a 4am wake up call and morning interview. Pretty damn good huh?
Terry Wogan's frank and beans has caused quite the controversy at the BBC.

Rachel Bilson prepares for being a soccer mom by being a soccer sister. Have to love those orange slices.
Nicky Hilton has a talent. Her show at LA Fashion Week was incredible.
Our old friend Nicole Eggert obviously enjoyed her dinner at Koi.
So much for Lindsay Lohan staying home each night.


jlb said...

Angelina's hands are scary...just plain scary. I thought she was taking a year off to help her kids.

jax said...

1- is that Mayor Ray Nagan behind Janet?
2- You forgot and "having a newborn at home" for Keri Russell.
3- Eww Wogan..eww.

califblondy said...

I miss those tight pant days for guys. When the guys wore tight ass Angel Flight pants back in the disco era, you pretty much had an idea what was going on down there. Wranglers on cowboys do a good job too. :)

Julie said...

post=incredible (any meaning to the abundance of this word in the post?)

Unknown said...

Keri Russell is a goddess. So naturally beautiful...bitch, I hate her...LOL


Seriously, is it a LAW to have orange slices at soccer practices/games? I played soccer for YEARS & I can't remember a single game where there weren't orange slices as far as the eye could see...

I don't mind Nicky Hilton. There, I said it. Please don't hurt me...

I hate to even type her name but did anyone seriously expect Whorehan to "stay home" and therefore stay away from the paps? I mean, seriously?

Tracee said...

That photo of the franks and beans should be banned.

(Yeah, it turned me on, but damn that man looks like the cryptkeeper, and no matter how long I try to shut out the image for my own naughty thoughts that face scares me.)

Franks and Beans crammed in corduroy...that's what I'll go as for Halloween.

kellygirl said...

I absolutely LOVE Keri Russell

BTW, as to the above blind ...
Keri was cast in MI movie as she was top of the list candidate for Cruise contract

kellygirl said...


CMAO (cacklin' my ass off)
at the Angel Flights -- I completely fogot

Majik said...

lmfao @ Terry Wogan

No wonder he looks so cheery--he's got a HUGE...talent.

Miss X said...

That is definitely Angie in 50 years, probably less.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Angelina has an Adam's apple!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Blohan is wearing a wedding ring.

2. I wonder if Nicky Hilton has the same cocksucking talents as Parasite Hilton?

Anonymous said...

Does Blohan have herpes? Post your opinion. I vote yes.


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