Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Truth Or As Close As You Can Get On A Gossip Blog

If this were a self-promoting, hey look at me now kind of blog, I would probably have had headlines that said Exclusive, and been all breathless. In all honesty, does it really matter? Someone will probably copy and paste it from me in under an hour, and no one will remember who got it first. I do ask that if you are a blogger and cut and paste, it's okay, just remember to also link here.

Last night, while you were all sleeping, Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend Riley Giles was having a conversation with his ex-girlfriend Bree on MySpace. Because of the lies she had told previously, Riley decided to protect himself by forwarding a copy to the insider who helped me out yesterday. That insider felt the e-mails needed to be released so that the truth, no matter if flattering or not could be shown about what happened and that Lindsay wasn't a homewrecker.

The insider also felt that Bree was acting as Riley's trigger and this could lead to a relapse. He felt that if the e-mails were released and Bree got pissed and never talked to Riley again, that he would lose at least one trigger in his life and that maybe his recovery would have a greater chance of succeeding.

On a side note, I never thought anyone in the state of Utah has ever said fuck, but, that notion was as you can see, quickly thrown out the window. All of these MySpace things are always questioned because it is so easy to create an account. I left the links in which should work (at least until they wake up in Utah--Bree's MySpace is not private yet and it is pretty easy to tell it is her real account), and I am sure by the end of the day someone will be yelling at someone about how they got out which should prove they are real. In addition, the photo at the top has not been released anywhere so obviously had to come from someone who knows the couple well. The only editing I did was to make the first e-mail first, the 2nd second, etc. instead of where it would normally be in a chain which is at the bottom and makes it almost impossible to read.


From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
why u running to the media? wtf

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 10:18 PM
Ri i dont even know what to say! all i know is i hope ur ok and making th right decisions! maybe one day we can be friends. peace.... brebrah

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
naah i went fuckin physco yesterday, they took all my shit away from me! OVER YOU!why are u runnin to the tabloids with these fake stories? wtf, whats going on? u & ur moms talkin to everyone! i shouldnt have to defend myself to everyone, and linds is not a homewrecker & u know that!

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 10:42 PM
thats fine way over it as well, one question why u denying the engagement and why did you come talk to mt and say u wanted me back, then go w her. i loved ur family they were the only normal people i could call my family that ive ever had in my life, i had you and i thought things were gonaa get better after we drove around and talked but no she got yah all smittened and star struck, so yah she is a home wrecker and ull find out who really cared for ou in the long run! Ue kidding urself ri! good riidannce and one word karma. yah and its not fair that i gotta wear a beanie hoodie and sunglasses in order to go outta the house. its one thing to go thru a break up but its another thing to have it spread in ur face every where! and people chasing me down wanting info. taking pictures its crazy and sux. what do you mean they took all ur shit away?

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
peoples chasin you down? you serious? nobody knew about u until u ran to the media! our engagement was NEVER official, just somethin we talked about, idk wut to do im just so mad over this whole situation, was that you spreadin my mugshot all ovea the internet as well? REALLY low. u WERE my rock. i thought things were gonna change but u had to go and ruin it, im not starstruck by anyomne, you just dont get it AT all. karam DOES suck, i just dont get why your talkin to everyone, its no ones business but OURS. we needa have a chat, SERIOUSLY 1 on 1, god knows who ur gonna sell this fuckin message to

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:02 PM
i didnt run my mouth they found me! they knew about nicole and everything i dont know how theyed get her name. our names are repoted as our last address and they knew who i was so they came to me to find me like 5 diff mags i have a lawyer now cause of all this shit theyre attackin me holmes. i agree we need to have a 1 on 1 talk, yah know some closure r whatever. it can be totally private i wont let any one know. same would have to go for you though! You down?

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
please, please.... u have no fucking idea of wut im going threw right now, never felt like this EVER....!!! 1on1, im so down.... idk how we gonna do this, theres peoples outside right now waitin for me to peek out tha window, its fuckin crazy.. i wish i could call you,how much u gettin for these interviews?

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:09 PM
call me

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
i CANT bitch

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:22 PM
you jus said u wish u could why cant you? well if u decide to call and i dnt answer leave a message. ur num still the same? u dnt know how crazy my life is. poparrazzi wtf i never expected that one comin, me runnin from pop and radio stations want to have me on air. one guy even said he wanted to do a reality show i was like hell no man wtf? these people are scavangers!

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
you fuckin love it. they wouldnt want more, if u wouldnt have opened ur mouth@!how much did u make off the interviews??

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:39 PM
i DONT love it. I hate it infact, fist of all u just left me hangin all the sudden ur w her so i have to go thru a breakup ontop of that its everywhere i look it hurts man. im sick of this writing shit. and how do i know what ur doin u might be showin this shit!so if u wanna communicate do it by phone, but i think we owe it to eachother to meet and talk like normal fucking people.


Cooper's Mom said...

umm, one word here: FRUITCAKE!!! and what's the deal with the 'yah's??? anyway....

wow, that was an early post ent!

Esther and Blake said...

both of them are really dumb.

pebbles said...

Wow, you're up early Enty. Either that or you hadn't yet called it a night.

Sounds like someone is in LiLo's corner. This is all so juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Very juvenile. But again what do you expect.

GammaGirl said...

Um is a "drug problem" worse than a seemingly chronic inability to form complete sentences?

Mama Crass said...

"holmes" It's not really a word that should be used by anyone, unless they are passing you a joint or a bong...and never, ever should it be typed.

Unknown said...

Lindsay is so going to leave this guy in the dust. What a putz.

I really dislike teen speak.

4 real.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. Lindsay is getting off on this - and maybe she does want to change, but I think it's funny that this guy dropped the so-called fiance for Linds given her track record with men...and women.

__-__=__ said...

Ent, you're the only one who could make me get a MySpace account. I think I'm going to be ill .......

And, yes, some of this makes Britney look smart.

jlb said...

God that crap is hard to decipher....reminds me of JJ and all the Angelina freaks (dn't b a h8trrrr...bampzhs 4eva!!!!).

Lucky you Ent...early mornning gossip fun.

I concur with the above comments, Lilo is lapping this up - she was going through her real withdrawl - attention - and this outta help get her back on top.

Reese said...

Did you have a bout of insomnia last night Enty? I hope the Sandman visits you tonight and allows you to sleep through this kind of rubbish.

I know Lindsay has never had discriminating taste in men before, but doesn't this one seem particularly ugly and unappealing? She hit rock bottom and started digging furiously to excavate Riley.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Evidence says Lohan isn't a homewrecker, but . . . those two are made for each other. Two sides of a slice of one wafer thin brain.

UKGrrl said...

Oh my.
That made my brain hurt.

UKGrrl said...

Oh my.
That made my brain hurt.

Kory said...

Wow, how our educational system has failed! I couldn't read that bad English. Please stop wasting money in Iraq and build up the school system in America. This frightens me. I declare War on the poorly educated.

Hez said...

Exhibit A in why Hez is considering committing MySpace suicide.

This kind of "communication" degrades us all.

Ice Angel said...

Congrats got linked to D-listed! That was quick!

BTW-the number one rule of rehab is that you do NOT form new relationships until you have one year of sobriety. All 3 of these people are going to crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Hez, blame this language on text messaging and the internet. My mother was teaching adult students 2 years ago and started noticing it creeping into their essays. The class: History of English Language.

GammaGirl said...

Dnfrommn: As an english Major, nothing makes me cringe more than internet speak and text message acronyms. It's been burned into the brains of America's youth!

ent lawyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hez said...

Well, I'm guilty of using both at times, but for me, the netspeak isn't the problem, it's the lack of intelligence demonstrated by words like "poparrazzi" and "scavangers".

I gots me an English degree too, and I loves me my abbrevs... but I'M not a functional illiterate, like these two duncecaps are, obvi.

Tracee said...

Oofta! I'm with yah, yah, and what's with that yah, yah?

Shite my brain is reeling! Can teens spell these days? The only thing she spelled right was fuck, bitch and shit, and like... oh...and yah!

Kudos Ent for getting the first snaps at this.

Mama Crass said...

I don't think this is really him, I looked at the myspace pages of both of them and hers seems real but his is brand new and none of his top friends seem like they know him... said...

I didn't realize the "brain drain" problem had reached such epidemic proportions.

Unknown said...

idk wut is more annoying, these two or LL. There is no hope for humanity.

Taylor Blue said...

I must be getting old..I didn't understand one word of that...can you translate that in English for me???

NYE said...

um, sounds like they WERE engaged and HE is the one lying. Tho they're both losers

Maja With a J said...


SusannahS said...

"Smittened"...that cracked me up. Oh, these poor, poor children. Someone needs to pay attention in English class.

Also, I thought one of key pieces of advice they give recovering addicts is that they should avoid new romantic relationships for at least a year.

nicolee9723 said...

I don't know...kinda sounds like Enty is trying to cover up for Lindsay....come to think of it..has he ever said anything negative about her?

Russki Dan said...

EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS IS A NASTY LOSER! In fact, I'm embarrassed that I'm even contributing to these ridiculous discussion, but it's like a real life soap opera and it's such a joke to me! Lindsay Lohan is desperate and disgusting. She's an uneducated twit. And judging by her new "boyfriend's" correpondence with his ex Bree on MySpace, he's a complete moron as well. He has the spelling skills of a 3rd grader. Gross. Good riddance. These two pieces of sh*t deserve eachother!

Unknown said...

I teach middle school students; I'm used to this kind of writing. However, aren't these two supposed to be adults?


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