Friday, October 19, 2007

Los Premios MTV Latin America

Most of the time when I post photos of premieres or events, it's a struggle to find enough photos to make it worthwhile. Most of the time it is always the same tired people in the same tired poses in just a different venue. The only time it is ever really tough is a big event like the Academy Awards or Golden Globes and you just want to post every photo of every person because they all look amazing. When you look at literally thousands of photos everyday, you notice when something sticks out or is different. I really wish that I had the space to post each and everyone of these MTV Latin America guests on the blog. Each group or personality is so unique and so fresh. It is incredible to look at. I tried to pick the best cross sample I could and made sure to throw in some of the regulars that were there as well.

When you see the rest of the photos, Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars appear tame.
Luis Roberto Guzman

Hilary Duff was there and all tarted up.
I love the Cure, but I think everyone would be okay with the idea that middle age men don't really need to be goth'd up. It's ok to let it go Robert. We will still love you.
How would you like some Beto Cuevas? Those jeans wouldn't have fit over one of my calves.
I don't even know why I bother.
Zennoa. She looks 8 feet tall and is just so damn unique. The bow on anyone would look ridiculous but because the rest is so damn bizarre, it almost works.

Wilmer Valderrama has finished f**king every US woman and has now made his way south of the border.
Which one is Bobby and which is Marcia? RDB did actually get up and sing When It's Time To Change.
Paulina Rubio just looks like Paulina Rubio always does, except that she's getting older.
Miranda! It's kind of like White Stripes meets The State meets Green Day.
I have no idea what No lo Soporto sounds like but I am going to find out and then listen to them all afternoon.


__-__=__ said...

Very good Ent! Yes, this is all very fresh and thanks for putting it all out there. I really appreciate this good stuff. So would it be crass of me to ask about Juanes, especially since his new album comes out Monday? First one since 2004, and after he's gone back to his wife and quit dating that 19y.o. model? Would it?? Also, were Dayanamury there?? I haven't seen any pics of them but maybe so?

And, truly - thanks again!

junglekitten said...

What's Jared Leto's deal??? Is he gay or not??? He totally flirted w/ me once after a show then he was REALLY hitting on my Guy friend. Later in the evening I saw him grab some OTHER dudes ass??? I just can't figure him out. The skinny jeans MUST go!!! His Bro Shannon is really really nice. said...

Robert Smith is not goth'd! He just looks like that. He was born with eyeliner.

kellygirl said...

Robert Smith - step away from the Estrogen!!!

I can't decide who is a bigger TOOL
Avril Lavign or Jared Leto

Get the f^ck over yourselves!!!!!!

ablake said...

wtf is a " Zennoa"?

GammaGirl said...

@ JungleKitten:I ditto your rant!
Jared Leto looks FRUITASTIC here! What a douche!

junglekitten said...



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