Monday, October 15, 2007

Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs Is Pregnant Again

Lauryn Hill also known as Cuckoo, whacked out and Bozo reincarnated is pregnant with her fifth child with Bob Marley's son Rohan. Somehow Lauryn managed to get knocked up despite not being involved with Rohan anymore and Rohan living on an entirely different continent.

Apparently at some point Rohan either mailed her some sperm Fed-Ex and she did a little self invitro with a turkey baster or the one night they saw each other because he wanted to yell at her for holding up a Fugees reunion they must have had sex.

Rohan must not be able to get laid in Ethiopia where he now lives, or he just has a thing for crazy, freaky sex where you might get lucky or you might get your d**k get cut off.

You don't think she could do that? Have you been reading all the crap the other two Fugees have said about her? Hell have you seen the photos of her dressed like Harpo Marx and still don't think she could?

She's got "keep it on ice so we can reattach it" written all over her.


littleoleme said...

Man. Who is writing this blog now?

kellygirl said...

Lauryn Hill is supremely talented.

Who cares about her sex or family life? said...

I don't think she would cut a dick off. She would just drive insane until it was afraid to show itself in public again.

MnGddess said...

Those are some scary photos.

Tracee said...

She's talented, but bitch IS crazy. I love me some Lauryn but she's been eating the fruit loops and drinking the kool-aid. God bless that she's making her family grow...let's just hope her kids don't get her know it runs in the fam.


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