Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Photos Part One

It's been awhile since I last posted a photo of the always under dressed and sluttish Bai Ling. I'm sure the high school kids behind her are really enjoying the show. As I was gazing intently at her outfit, simply for blogging purposes mind you, I notice her top only has one button. It was made with only one button. Is this normal, or is the one button thing just for Bai?
After that I thought you might need a soccer player to get you back on track, so her is Alvin Cowan, and as a plus he likes seeing men in drag.
When my father was beating me twice weekly whether I needed it or not, I don't think it ever entered my mind to say "hey dad, you want to go to a drag show together?"

"See Jane run."
Heidi Klum and a lollipop. "some" and I need this photo to get through the day.

I appreciate that Eric Dane and Rebeca Gayheart went to this show together and they have enough extra denim between them to make an entire new outfit for one of the men.
James Van Der Beek appears stoned yet again and his girlfriend Heather McComb with one of those obnoxious, "hey look at me, I can afford to wear an advertisement on my wrist."
I think at some point Jessica Simpson is going to have to realize that dogs become too big to take to dinner.
If you put Katherine Heigl on a magazine cover, she's going to make sure she pays you back.

Ten bucks says Matthew McConaughey hit his girlfriend at least twice with that paddle.

Teri Hatcher looks everywhere for her missing ass.

And I mean everywhere.
Tori Spelling is missing her wedding ring. Trouble at the Inn? Perhaps Dean spent some special time with a guest?
I don't need to stare at Tim McGraw but maybe this makes up for the Hedi Klum sucking on a lollipop thing.
Michelle Rodriguez at the opening of a bar. Nice. Why don't you just kick the judge in the balls a little harder?


Khemenu said...

Jessica Simpson's dog always has the facial expression of a depressed housewife.

__-__=__ said...

Tim McGraw? After all that you give us Tim McGraw?? You should be ashamed. How about hockey players???

Khemenu said...

Seriously, Tim McGraw looks like every aging good ol boy in middle america.

Reese said...

Are you upset with us for some reason Enty? The hockey player was only so-so, but Tim McGraw was just plain rude.

Anonymous said...

thanks for heidi and her lolli, that is a nice picture.

link88 said...

LOL at the Jessica Simpson post! How pretentious to take your dog to dinner anyway - it's so annoying when some of these celebrities carry little (or not so little anymore, in JS's case) dogs around like fashion accessories.

Hez said...

Tim McGraw and Donny Osmond?

Those dudes aren't fantasies, they're GRAN-tasies. Add some of that vodka to yr prune juice, Entykins! ;)

Ix-nay on the een-Shay as well - he's been fighting the hot longer than most of today's hotties have been alive. And the squinty soccer player? I've seen bigger eyes on a gingerbread man!

Between Squinzey Buckingham, the GayDanehearts and the Van McComb-derBeeks, when the sight of drag queens is what gives the eyes a REST, you know your party has problems.

kellygirl said...

I can't look at Tim, ENTY, Faith my kick my a$$!!!

Is KH going to pay YOU back, too, Ent?

Rebecca Gayheart should be too ashamed of herself to appear on any press line.

So Charlie likes the drag queens, huh? That helps explain his attraction to Denise.

GammaGirl said...

TIM MCGRAW??? Are you being for real Ent? At least you included the requisite pic of Matthew shirtless.

Michelle's behavior befuddles me, girlie just doesn't give a DAMN.

Tracee said...

I don't care if he's a sugar puff! Matthew could spank me ANY day. With an oar, with a belt, with his itty bitty Matty, I'd let him spank me 6 ways til Sunday. Hallejuah. Amen.

jax said...

Hey im happy with a lil Tim McGroin..i see you're dressing to the right these days Timmy.

Picky people...give the man a break he was accosted by a A-List Celebuwhore on friday.

ablake said...

TIm is a cool guy. Hockey players? I agree, let's discuss Anna with Sergei.

Jerry said...

And here I thought Bai Ling had lost ALL her buttons.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine Heidi sucking Seal's big black nigger cock, then fucking his massive nigger schlong while talking dirty to him in a Nazi accent.


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