Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Daily Show Finally Joins The Internet Age

It's been ten damn years since The Daily Show With Jon Stewart went on the air and it finally has its own web site. The site went live about three hours ago and has almost every video they have done since the show's inception.

The site contains more than 16,000 video clips spanning headlines, correspondent pieces and such regular segments as Lewis Black's "Back in Black" or Stephen Colbert's "This Week in God." For now, the archives start in early 1999, covering the Jon Stewart-era. The earlier version of the program, which started in 1996 with host Craig Kilborn, could be available by early 2008.

You can't actually watch the entire show at once. If you look around though you can piece together a show through the clips, but it is kind of a pain in the ass.

The site's home page will focus on the previous night's episode, from which clips will be posted by 8 a.m. EST the next morning, eventually being pushed up to 5 a.m.


Unknown said...

Finally! I LOVE the Daily Show!

kellygirl said...

I love Lewis Black
I really miss The Week in God

Unknown said...

The spelling police are in:

it's own web site



Hez said...

I was just about to post that, Fabiola.

Unknown said...

I hate to be Nazi about such things, I mean, I let the irregardless thing go, and Lord knows my spelling and grammar ain't purfect, but this one (its v. it's) just bugs the hell outta me.

wood1107 said...

YAY! A new way to waste time at work!

wood1107 said...

YAY! A new way to waste time at work!

Miss X said...

Fabiola, I'm with ya on the it's versus its. Grammar and spelling really bother me.

Made up words? Not so much.

Yay for The Daily Show website!!

bookjacket said...

Hmmm. It looks like Ent is the one who isn't so web savvy--or PR savvy. This site has all been up for over a year, ever since Comedy Central made YouTube remove the show uploads.

The only thing new is a new URL that redirects to the same old site. Obviously, someone is swallowing press releases from the network pretty uncritically.


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