Friday, April 11, 2008

I Feel The Pain Of Frances Bean Cobain

You know that you have a friend who is a little different. Maybe this friend is always getting drunk at inappropriate places, like church. Maybe this friend is just a person who really talks extremely loudly or resembles a mating elephant when he or she laughs. Embarrassment is just part and parcel of anytime that you spend with them.

The thing is they are just your friend. You get to go home at the end of the day or after the movie, and can check caller i.d. before picking up the phone. Unfortunately Frances Bean Cobain doesn't have that luxury when dealing with her mom. Now, I'm sure she loves her mom, but actually I have always wondered whether The Bean isn't in fact the mom in this relationship. How many times do you think The Bean has been embarrassed by her mother?

The latest incident occurred this past week in the Virgin Airlines First Class lounge at LAX. Courtney decided she needed to have a cigarette. Just had to have one despite the fact it is against the law to law light up in the airport. Instead of just popping in some Nicotine gum, Courtney decided to go ahead and break the law. Virgin was not pleased and kicked her ass out of the airport and told her she could fly the next day.

I'm maybe thinking there is more to this than just a cigarette, but the cigarette is the official reason. The Bean is 15 and probably told her mom to not smoke and that everything would be ok. Courtney probably told her that she was big star and nothing would happen to her. Unfortunately Courtney isn't a star anymore, just living off her dead husband's money and going through it at an alarming rate.

So, we can all imagine the resigned look on The Bean's face when Virgin kicked them out. The inevitable yelling and cursing from her mom. The indignation that Courtney could do anything wrong, and then the limo ride back home.

For her part, Courtney had this to say to the press. "I had a fag in the first class lounge, like two hits, and they wouldn’t let me on the plane with my daughter. They made some big thing like I’m a f**king terrorist or something. It was embarrassing.”

I'm sure it was embarrassing. Not only because you are not British yet use British slang, and also because you probably didn't even consider who was more embarrassed than you. Your daughter. Way to set another great example, and to make sure your daughter burns through her father's money in therapy.


jax said...

what court let her have her kid back? she was better off with her grandparents instead of the inevitable pimping out from CL down the road becasue she is the daughter of Kurt.

it wasn't suicide btw.

Kat said...

You know, when you look at it from certain angles, it really is plausible that it wasn't suicide. That was a sad, sad day. Music has been crap since. I really hope and pray for Frances. It's true that she often appears to be the mother in that situation, and it's so unfair to do that to a kid. I also believe that all of these photos of mom and daughter together are intended to remind everyone of who Courtney used to be.

merrick said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you guys, kurt's death was no accident, nor was it a suicide .. there is a website out there dedicated to this theory .. I remember being on it month's ago .. very interesting and enlightening information ..

Ms. Love is a selfish, low life and does not deserve to be raising this child .. she belongs with her grandparents so that she will not be dragged down into the mire that her mother's life has become

Andy said...

How did Courtney keep her kid and Britney lost hers? Odd.

Unknown said...

Funny, Francis looks much like Courtney the Kunt did before she had her face redone. Francis should just load a shot gun and shoot her drug addled skank whore of a mom in the face and say, "That's for Dad!"

janetagain said...

i deffinatley agree. it was no suicide. his death doesnt add up.

whats also sad is how courtney spent all of frances' trust fund money and then tried to make an excuse about it being stolen. still no word on who the "theifs" were *courtney*

i wonder if the money was used for the bribes she made.

Anonymous said...

Courtney will always be trash. Don't understand how she gets away with some of the things she does.

weezy said...

Some comedian was joking on TV last night(Kimmel, maybe?) about Love photographed by paps stuffing bottles of prescription meds into a plastic bag in her car -- I'm wondering if she's HIV positive (they have to take one or more of their meds every 1/2 hour, in some cases).

She may have *smoking* a cigarette, but also drinking and juggling pill bottles like a crazy old lady on the subway, talking to herself, and just freaked out the other passengers and staff.

Poor kid.

Both of them.

Julie said...

wow, apparently...nobody likes Courtney Love here. hmm

The day I met my biomom (I was 21), She lit up in the mall. THAT was embarrassing.
I couldn't be like "ehh shes only my biomom lol...i didn't grow up with her"


Unknown said...

The children of Courtney Love, Janice Dickenson, and Pamela Andershon should form a support group for each other. If any of those kids turns out well-adjusted it will be a miracle!

jax said...

i just feel bad that so many people will always be fascinated with her becasue of her tragic father's short life.

and i'm one of them.

like Oj's day Francis will read and see the proof herself.

Kat said...

I have always thought that Kurt had a lot to do with the songs on the 'Live Through This' album, and then he, uh, didn't. I wanted to like her, because so many people seemed to find her relevant once, but she always came across like spoiled brat with psychosocial problems and because of this, I couldn't deal with looking at her. There were some decent Hole songs, once upon a time, but I maintain that Kurt was at the heart of those, despite her best attempts to convince the public otherwise. said...

She insists she had nothing to do with Kurt's death, then she spouts out lyrics like this:
"Now shes fading
Somewhere in Hollywood
I'm glad I came here
With your pound of flesh"

I don't care if she starts selling samples of Kurt's DNA on EBay, she's never getting another cent of my money.

Judi said...

She's a cartoon, so I couldn't care less about her. Frances, however, I really feel for this girl. All these offspring with f-ed up parents will hopefully write books when they grow up.

Catherine said...

Andy and true! Courtney Love gives me the heebie jeebies! I feel like I could get a disease just from standing next to her. Poor Francis!!!

sveta88 said...

Wow u guys are sooooo mean. Imagine what courtney love had to go through? What if that happened to you and all of a sudden, you just had to pick up the pieces? I should know, my own uncle committed suicide after he lost his company just about 3 years ago. My aunt, and my cousins are still trying to cope with it. They feel guilty everyday, wouldn't you if your healthy, happy father just killed himself one day? You'd probably feel like he didn't love you, and that you could have saved him. Because that's what it's like for my aunt and cousins every single day. Do you really think making up garbage theories that she killed him is helping anyone? Rest in peace Kurt, but face it, he did commit suicide. I'm not trying to hate on anyone, but the theories about her killing him piss me off BECAUSE YOU FAGS DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT IT'S LIKE TO DEAL WITH A SUICIDE!!


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