Monday, December 22, 2008

But It's Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy was allegedly attacked by a pap while eating dinner over at Mel's Diner. No, not the Mel's Diner from Alice which really should have been called Alice's Restaurant, but a different one. Ron was eating one of his six hamburgers. What can I say? The guy can eat and I think he learned a very long time ago that the porn industry was not hiring him for his good looks. The pap in question walked up to Ron and allegedly pepper sprayed Ron in the face. I say allegedly because of course the guy could very well be innocent. I mean it could have been water that he sprayed which made Ron cry like that or it could have not been anything at all and Ron just happened to have a can of pepper spray in his pocket.

Seeing that he had the chance to get a pap sent to prison, at the exact same moment that the pap brought up the can to allegedly spray, Ron threw down his burger, reached in his pocket, and sprayed his own face. He had been practicing this moment for years and it finally paid off. All the years of training and this was his moment. The pap never had a chance. The cops came and the pap was arrested for criminal use of tear gas.

I'm guessing what really happened is this pap guy auditioned for a porn shoot, and didn't get hired. So, he pulled a Tonya Harding. He was hoping that perhaps Ron would be so disfigured that the pap would get the role. Again, Ron is not hired for his looks Mr. Pap Guy.


mooshki said...


WriterMommy said...

That is really bizarre. I don't know him personally, but I hear Ron is a really decent guy. I wonder what happened to make this pap do that?!?

Ms. said...

Ron is a nice guy. Met him several years ago at a party (we have a mutual acquaintance). He was chill and polite. Sounds like a nutter with a camera, not a pap.

BlackseatDriver said...

Yeah..something is not right with this story at reads weird..Although I'm sure Ron Jeremy is a nice guy...I'd be a nicer guy too if I had three arms to type that Would be Pretty could blog and watch porn..(not that I do)..without missing a key stroke .

bionic bunny! said...

saw that season on "the surreal life" (seriously, it was great, with tammy faye and ron jeremy) and the two of them seem to normalize each other. what would the human tripod have to gain by spraying himself with pepper spray?

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Here's another vote for "whackjob w/a camera"--I met Ron several years back, and while he's not exactly the best-looking guy out there (although he does have nice eyes), he was nothing if not sweet and gentlemanly. I've also always had the impression he's well-liked in the business, so I can't imagine why a legit pap (yes, I know, a contradiction in terms) would do such a thing. *sigh* Hope he's OK...

Ms. said...

TMZ has an update on the story.

"Here's the story straight from "The Hedgehog's" mouth -- and he says the photog was actually a good guy who may have been responding to a knife threat outside Mel's Diner on the Sunset Strip.

And as a sign of good faith -- Jeremy even did an interview with the dude after the incident went down."

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