Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Hits

Tom And Gisele - "Oh Gisele. You got engaged, I'm so happy for you. Where did it happen? How did it happen?" I'll tell you where it happened. Gisele and Tom got engaged on a 25 minute flight from New Jersey to Boston. The flight probably cost more than the ring, and there probably was not enough time for a quickie. Whoops scratch that. Two minutes would be all Tom needed. I'm happy for them, but seriously, I don't care if it is a private jet, that just seems like the most awful way to propose. It's such a short flight they probably didn't even have a chance to get unbuckled. He probably had to yell over the sound of the engines and tossed the ring to her in the air. Well at least we know he can pass.

Come On Get Happy - Shirley Jones' husband was allegedly caught shoplifting hats at a hat store. Yeah, I know there is a fancier name, but give me a break. You know what I mean. I watched the video on TMZ, and I still can't see straight. But, I have been humming Partridge Family tunes all morning so it is probably worth it. Except for the fact that now I can't get Danny Bonaduce and his FFF out of my head. See, that could be worse than the Verne Troyer photo. That image burns as well.

One Final Argument - Kate Walsh and her soon to be ex are arguing over their actual separation date. He says it was five days later than the date she says. Why does it matter? In this case, I can't tell. Usually it matters because you don't get half anymore after that date. If she wants earlier than it's possible she signed some endorsement contract or got some payment that week and so she wants an earlier date so she doesn't have to pay out. Personally I just think they hate each other and will do anything to piss each other off.


KellyLynn said...

I do like these Quick Hits posts. I can't always find anything to comment on them, but I do enjoy reading the mini-snark (and it's gotta be easier on you too.)

nunaurbiz said...

Oh, I betcha Shirley's boys (Shaun, Patrick and Ryan) are gloating! They loathe Marty Ingels and the way Marty pimps Shirley!!!!! Do you know what Marty did for his and Shirley's 30th anniversary? He got them tickets on a luxury train through western national parks. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Romantic, even. But then get this, Shirley had to WORK. She was contracted to do a meet and greet with passengers and the railroad publicized it. Sheesh! Maybe this will give the boys the ammunition they needed to finally get her to leave him.

Mother Campfire said...

Um, but I thought Kate and her husband were both gay? Why do they hate each other? Wasn't this just a business contract a la Kidman?

Anonymous said...

Haberdashery is the name you're looking for ENT, if we're using US English. A Milliner specializes in ladies' hats and such. A Hatter is also a hat store, but most people only connect it to being as "mad as a hatter". I like words, they're fun!

Gisele reminds me of antelope, and hunting horned, furry things. Take that as you will.

I really don't understand most divorces. If you love yourself, you wouldn't make yourself so miserable just to be spiteful to someone you claimed to love. I'm so glad my parents had an amicable divorce and still see each other, and are friends. I'm sorry that not everyone gets a good divorce.

mooshki said...

Nope, Bonaduce is really bad, but still not worse than Verne. I've only seen one thing on the internet worse than Verne, and I ain't tellin' you what it is, you perverse man. :)

TMZ is right, Gisele has Tom whipped. Yes, she's gorgeous, but she ain't that gorgeous.

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