Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More On The Model Who Fell To Her Death

So, yesterday in random photos I posted a photo (duh) of Miss Asia 2007 Sahar Daftary. I also wrote a little blurb about all I knew at the time. That she had fallen/pushed/jumped to her death after discovering her boyfriend was in fact married. Now, there is so much more.

Turns out that the model actually got married to her boyfriend. Yep. They got married despite the fact he was married. She had no idea or clue about the other wife or about the fact that the guy also just had a baby a few months prior to getting married to Sahar.

After Sahar found out about it, she moved out of the apartment the "married" couple shared. When she plunged/was pushed/fell to her death she was at the apartment to just get her stuff. Apparently the couple fought. Now, the police did arrest the boyfriend, but that was just for questioning purposes and he has not been charged with a crime...yet.

Sahar's family of course all wants revenge and to not rule the death as a suicide. If I were her family I would be out there ready to kick some ass. I also want to see photos of the woman the boyfriend was married to and to get her side of this whole thing.

Now, just to be fair and honest here and to show both sides. Sahar is not completely innocent in all of this. Apparently she made a sex tape with a guy who was not her boyfriend/husband even though at the time she thought she was married. The sex tape is somewhere online and there are reports that this is what caused the breakup and not the whole bigamy thing.

Here is the entire article and lots more photos from The Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

wow... that's complicated.

jax said...

if she's making a sextape then that tells me she wouldnt exactly be all the devastated to find out he was married. so in other words she was PUSHED not jumped.

lmnop123 said...

There are reports that this(sex tape with another man) is what caused the breakup and not the whole bigamy thing.

If Sahar didn't know he was married then that means she died not knowing her husband was a bigamist or does this statement mean that she knew he was a bigamist and didn't care?

I don't get it.

Now! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kris said...

wow...I guess I kind of like my boring ol' life...

Now! said...

She seems to have been a bit of a party girl.

Not to say that she deserved to die or anything, just that she seems too hip and urbane to be the innocent victim type.

Hervana said...

The Daily effing Mail??? C'mon, that paper writes nothing but bollocks. Even going to their website makes me feel a bit grubby.

mooshki said...

Is anyone else reminded of the first episode of Models Inc.? God, I loved that shitty show.

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