Friday, December 26, 2008

We'll Look Like We Didn't Care About The Money

I'm guessing Joe Simpson lost this round, but by God, when Jessica Simpson has a kid he is going to sell photos, video, and if the price is right, have pay per view right in the delivery room. You do realize that is where the whole photo thing is headed right? I think everyone is a little tired of seeing photoshopped parents holding their photoshopped kids in the same damn poses every single time.

How much money would you pay to be live in the hospital room with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as Angelina gave birth? You would not be treated to any NSFW shots, and perhaps not even sound. But how about five or six cameras in the room and you can watch all of them live. Do you know how much people would pay for that? Hell, I might even pay for that. I know it would make a lot more money than selling them to People Magazine. Think of the amount that would go to charity. Of course that would evolve into the actual birth being shown and that would evolve into watching the actual conception which would evolve into which lucky person gets to do it with the celebrity and make them pregnant.

Who Wants To Be A Celebrity Daddy? Great title for a show.

The point of all of this is that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz just went ahead and posted a photo of Manhattan Jungle Book for free. Apparently the money offers were not high enough so they just decided to look like do gooders.


jax said...

lol. manhattan jungle book.

Jenny S said...

I would not pay any money to see someone giving birth. Especially Angelina. Hell, I didn't even want the hand mirror to see myself give birth. I figured if I saw all the stretching I would just give up and stop pushing.
As far as the whole celebrities getting paid for photos of their kids, what a way to pimp them out. Angie Jo and Brad started this racket, saying they were giving the money to charity (rumor has it, maybe $100,000 from the twins has made it to charity coffers. Super generous!) Now, it is expected that celebrities will pimp their kids out for lots of money then donate to charity. When Nicole Kidman refused to sell photos of her child, Perez Hilton ragged on her for her decision. "Great Nicole! Deprive a charity of funds." How depressing that celebrities can't even have the tiniest shred of privacy without being ridiculed. I know Nicole Kidman doesn't have the reputation as the most likable celebrity but I respect her decision.

mooshki said...

What Jax said!

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