Friday, December 26, 2008

More Boredom Equals Kim Kardashian

When I got done terrorizing myself reading the Lindsay Lohan blog, I decided to become really masochistic and head on over to Kim Kardashian's blog. I mean why the hell not. I was sure it would be filled to the brim with all of her kool aid drinking fans wishing her a happy holidays and probably telling Kim that her Bentley was so much nicer than Paris' Bentley and probably empathizing with her over the fact that Reggie Bush is still no closer to giving her a ring than a year ago. On the subject of that. Umm, Kim. Everytime you get in front of a camera or a guy with a notebook you make sure they know that all Reggie has to do is ask and you will say yes. Without fail, this comes out of your mouth. By now I think Reggie has got the hint. I also know that at the rate he keeps getting injured and the way he is blowing through his money, you may get what you wished for but he might end up marrying you for your money instead of the other way around.

Now, when I went over to her site, instead of the fawning fans, I found a deeply disturbed Kim who said that Courtney Love had defamed her brother and maybe Brody Jenner. Apparently Courtney said that Robert Kardashian broke the nose of Courtney's employee at an altercation at Hyde. I didn't actually realize people still went to Hyde, but hey, it's the holiday's everyone should give to those in need.

Kim says that it is not what happened. She declines to say what actually did happen and instead is going to forward the entire thing to her attorneys. While I do think Courtney is often times out of her mind, it will be interesting to see if the truth matches what Robert told his family. If not, will Kim come back and apologize to Courtney? Probably not. I have a feeling the whole post will just silently vanish much like Kim's career.


shakey said...

What I find disturbing is that kid's "hair". Who told him it looks good?

Dead Angel said...

All the Kardashians are trash, and cum dumpsters but it's only a matter of time before Robert the douche is going to be shot to death, or shived in da BH because he's just asking for it by being a dirt bag and he actually thinks he's "famous", no seriously he really thinks he's the shit, hopefully he'll be a chalk outline on the street somewhere and the rest of them will go the fuck away for good. Bruce Jenner destroyed his legacy by being associated with this disgusting family.

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