Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick Hits

Here are some items I found interesting today, but just don't care enough about to muster up a full post about each.

Pete Wentz And Breast Milk - Apparently Pete decided he needed to share with the world, or at least the people who listen to SIRIUS program The Morning Mash Up that he has tasted Ashlee Simpson's breast milk. He thought it tasted "soury" and "weird." Yeah, but what did Joe Simpson have to say about it.

Speidi - After the AP busted The Hills and the Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montage fake wedding, someone wrote into the script that Spencer should just back out and give Heidi the real wedding she has always dreamed about. Of course that doesn't mean Spencer doesn't want to procreate immediately though. He says that he wants to have a kid ASAP. Since I don't think Heidi can have it before the season finale of next year's Hills season, they might have to fake that whole thing as well. Not that anything they ever do would be real anyway.

Michael Jackson - I still don't understand this story. Apparently some biographer of Michael Jackson said Michael needs a lung transplant or he's going to die. Michael's spokesperson Dr. Thome Thome (yeah, his parents loved him) said there is no truth to the rumors and then made some claim that Michael is going on tour and about to sign a huge deal with a huge entertainment company. Uh huh.

Twilight - Apparently the book and movie is now going to be a television show. Can you feel my enthusiasm?


CDAN Mod said...

yeah, you are ready for the holidays like myself and everyone else.

let us know if you will NOT be around on wed, thu or fri.

hope my shift goes uneventful for the night.

MontanaMarriott said...

OMG I just hurled my Dirty Martini lunch after reading the Pete Wentz breast milk comment

City Councilman Doug said...

Oh I feel it. Right there too. Thanks baby!

mooshki said...

It's okay, Enty, you're allowed to head off for vacation early today. :)

GladysKravitz said...

1. Pete Wentz apparently just loves to hear himself talk, and knows no limits. As if any of us want to know that ANY father has been dabbling in the baby food. Just plain gross and weird.

2. What part of Michael Jackson hasn't rotted off yet? Why would we think his lungs would be exempt from the side effects of plastic surgery and whatever treatments he gets to make himself less dark? It's sad, but I would not be surprised if this were true.

Ms. said...

I like the Quick Hits feature. Short, sweet, to the point.

Unknown said...

I hate to say it, but most men are interested in their partner's breast milk, if for a moment to see what it tastes like. You just don't hear about it until Pete Wentz mentions it.

If Michael Jackson is ready to tour, then why is he being squired around in a wheel chair in his pjs? And why is he always wearing his pjs anyway? Is he a hypochondriac?

bionic bunny! said...

IIRC he wore his pjs to court, too.
he's such a freak.

Maja With a J said...

Pete Wentz has to be one of the biggest dickwads in history. Every time I see him or his lousy band, I want to give him a swift kick in the groin.

Unknown said...

I'm wondering what Ashlee drinks or eats for her milk to be 'soury and weird', 'cause mine tasted like honey.

Hell yeah we tasted it! We were curious! LOL!

Monalicious said...

I'm surprised Pete hasn't given us a description of Ashlee's placenta. No wonder he fits in so well with the Simpson family. Nothing is off limits!

shakey said...

When I saw that Hills episode, I was surprised at Stephanie's maturity, and for about 5 minutes I was completely taken in. Then I thought, they probably threw a bunch of money at them to televise the real wedding. I forgot they were busted for the authenticity - that's how taken in I was. Yes, my name is really Gull Ible.

Donna said...

What is this about Twilight becoming a TV show?

mooshki said...

Shakey, I prefer to think of it as "suspending disbelief" rather than being "gullible." :)

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