Monday, December 22, 2008

Well He Needs His Rest - Planning The 19th Kid

So, I decided to do a little followup to that Duggar family piece from a few weeks ago. Since my post a few weeks ago Michelle Duggar gave birth to their 18th child and has already got pregnant with twins, delivered those and Jim Bob hopes to have her pregnant again by the end of the week. Needless to say it has been a busy few weeks at the Duggar house.

Seriously though, the Duggar's were on the Today Show today. Funny how that works. Your try typing today a couple of times a in a row like that and you feel like you said something wrong. Today on Today. Yeah. Anyway, apparently dad says the four day old baby is already sleeping through the night. Michelle said it was Jim Bob who was sleeping through the night and mom who was awake. Wow, a little fight. Interesting. I did see in a print interview though they are definitely having another kid after this one.

I also note that now that the Duggar's are celebrities they have decided that they are allowed to also name their baby whatever in the hell they want to and think they can get away with it. Their daughter's name is Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar which makes use of a hyphen and an extra middle name which no one can pronounce. You know it won't matter anyway because everyone probably just will call her 18. See, that way you can give everyone like a jersey with a number on the back and the front. Sounds like a good way to keep track of who is whom and also not to tick anyone off if you can't remember their name. Now who in the hell got lucky #7.


West End Girl said...

I can't help but wince and cross my legs whenever this woman comes up in gossip blogs and/or newspapers.

God awful name for the little'un too.

Testf1y said...

Fuck the duggars they use their children as little media whores to make money hey honey i have an idea screw birth control or contraceptives for some reason people like watching us brainwash our million kids and pratice complete overcontrol of them. i dont blame the kids but the parents and their fake smiles its all about the benjamins for them

Anonymous said...

I hate these people.

ItsJustMe said...

Cannot. Stand. Them.

What offends me the most about them is that they whore their family out like it's no ones business, have a beautiful home, no debt, and yet THEY DO NOT PAY TAXES because they have declared themselves as a church.


Emobacca said...

The vagina is not a clown car

Is it just me of do some of those things look inbred?

Megan said...

Like this planet is not overpopulated enough. If they feel so strongly about children, why don't they take some of the children that are already HERE, sitting in orphanages. You know they can afford it, not paying taxes and getting that TLC money said...

Child #16 - Hey Mom, what IS my middle name?

Mom: Umm....come over here to the files, honey, and I'll look that up for you.

BlackseatDriver said...

I watched this show maybe once, and while I get the angle that TLC is going for ie The Waltons...somehow there is an ick factor to it that I cant explain..this was before I knew about the religion, the tax break, home school, etc...I can see where people get irked by I did when he said they are going to keep going..Maybe it's that whole Texas Mom scenario that I think about..

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I fucking hate these dumbass choads. People who have more than, say, seven kids at the MOST are just as bad as animal hoarders.

I DON'T dislike the children, mind you. I feel awful for them. HOW do you give enough of your parental attention and energy to eighteen goddamn kids?

Jesus. I mean, I have five cats and I'm concerned about making sure THEY'RE not feeling left out or anything, you know?

bionic bunny! said...

ernestine, i'm with you. with 7 bunnies, most of which are "special" i don't have enough time, and i don't work outside the home. only four of them are bonded, so that's 3 that "live alone".
these people are insane. that's the only explanation.
i feel so bad for the kids.

shakey said...

I watched the video. Those kids on Cruise vitamins? The boy with striped shirt just over Mom's shoulder looks like a smiling zombie.

Ernestine - ummm ... isn't having 5 cats animal hoarding? LOLOL!!!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Shakey, in my city, it's considered hoarding if you're up to six. :-) So, I'm still legit, and if it weren't for that pesky man I live with who keeps (vehemently) saying NONONONONONONONO, I'd certainly take in one more!

"only four of them are bonded, so that's 3 that "live alone".

:-( Bunny, that breaks my heart! I wuv wittle bunnies!

Jasmine said...

cat lady alert! lol ernestine.
i am officailly in love with the person who said her vagina is like a clowncar! ohmigod! maybe next halloween i'll attach a toy car near my crotch and tell everyone i am going as michelle dugger!
so funny everyone.
p.s. i think its really telling how sensationalized theses idiots are in the media. it really brings home the fact that this is a religious loving country that loves to see nothing more than families happily procreating and whorshipping, all while wearing a little house on the praire skirt and apron.

Jasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine said...

and if she actually has over 20 children i am going to flip the fuck out- i will personally go to their house(cult compound)and steralized the husband while he is sleeping, i swear.

Pink Skull said...

$50 says at least one of those kids becomes a serial killer one day.

Majik said...

Pink Skull....odds are starting to favour the serial killer angle, so I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Replace each child with, say, a DOG and they would call it a puppy mill and shut it down. Yet they give them a tv show, point and say "look at the freaks" and the sheeple look in baaaaaawe.


I wonder how long it will be before her uterus is down around her ankles--and, practically speaking, how loose must she be? I mean....anyone else thinking of hockey sticks and tractor tires?

Ernestine...we, the other crazy cat ladies, salute you.

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