Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

If you are going to send in a reader photo you need to do so before December 30th. If you don't you will have to wait until the next cycle in June.

So, since everyone enjoyed the Amy Winehouse photo so much from yesterday, I thought I would go ahead and include another of her. This time, still on vacation and also fully clothed at this point. It does seem as if she is interested in her new friend though.
I sure hope that cat is declawed or it could be very painful.
When I first saw the photo, I thought that Dustin Hoffman had mittens hanging from his coat.
I think Eva Longoria is telling Santa that she wants a career once Desperate Housewives ends.
The new poster from The Fast And The Furious
Gisele Bundchen can apparently ride a stationary bicycle drunk.
Well Hilary Duff has the duck walk down. Now, Tom Cruise just needs to divorce Katie Holmes.
These are baby Java Rhinos. Researchers found four babies of the most endangered species of rhino on the planet.
Samantha Ronson would probably rather be in the hospital than on another shopping trip with Lindsay Lohan.
This is Paula Abdul coming from seeing a movie. With my luck I would have sat right behind that guy. I love how they both are wearing sunglasses at night. Sing it with me people.
I didn't know Paris Hilton sold Mary Kay.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
You don't usually see people wearing long pants in the Caribbean. Apparently though Simon Cowell does.
Tracy Morgan wins the shiny jacket of the year contest.


Unknown said...

Amy Winehouse's arms look fuller. She still looks jacked up, but it does appear that she's eating something that resembles nutrition.

MontanaMarriott said...

Wow, Simon has a nice chest for an old man.

Tracy looks so dusty, like an old drunk lol

LOL @ the Paris Mary Kay Joke


Do all of Paula's boy toys look alike?!?!?

Oh perhaps they can hand raise and breed the little Rhino babies??

Come to think of it, Amy does look fuller than what we have seen before, maybe there's hope?!?!

Enty will you be posting tomorrow and/or the next day????

kris said...

are you sure that's Eva L.? Looks like America to me...

mooshki said...

There goes Bai Ling, showing off her pussy again, as if we haven't all seen it before.

That photographer is brave - I'm surprised Momma Rhino didn't grind him into the dirt!

Do you think SamRo will still be together by the time you do your next round of relationship predictions?

Hi, readers!

That pic of Simon is cheese-tastic.

bionic bunny! said...

very cute readers! as usual...

Kelli said...

What reader has that ADORABLE little baby? OMG!!!

emailchallenged said...

i guess when your girlfriend is addicted to meth that could put anyone in the hospital

mooshki said...

I laughed at the Mary Kay joke, but on second thought, I think a Pepto Bismol one would've been more appropriate. :)

GladysKravitz said...

Samantha looks ticked off. She must really be tolerant. Or drunk. Or both.

Love the reader photos!

Amy has definitely gone from stick-thin to almost normal. Well, ok, not normal-normal, but at least near a normal weight. I suppose Blaaaaaake doesn't care about any of this, as long as he gets his severance pay.

white lorelei said...

Simon's wearing shorts, Enty ... they stop at the knee. I'm just sayin'.

Maja With a J said...

I think it would be awesome, and very "Dustin Hoffman-y" if he had had mittens hanging from his sleeves. I should have my mittens attached to my jacket. I tend to lose them a lot.

I think Eva Longoria is whispering something more a long the lines of "I will have sex with you if you pay attention to me".

Reader #1, I like you and your Kiss t-shirt :) Now who are you?

Unknown said...

Yeah, um, Amy seems REALLY interested in her friend, eh? ;)

Bengal kitteh so cuuuuuute!

That's no E.Longoria... that's Rosario Dawson...

Two more cute readers. Does Enty have that aren't cute actually? ;)

I could have so lived the rest of my life without ever seeing Simon Cowell's bare chichis, thanks...

Unknown said...

I hope they didn't airbrush that cat.

Is it me, or is there a Mason's symbol on Simon's not-a-JetSki?

ItsJustMe said...

I'm reader #2 -- thanks, Ent!!! :) Baby is on my lap, wondering why I'm not on sesamestreet.org!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Murphy Brown 2020 said...

AnonMom -- you're seriously more gorgeous than ANY famous person in the random photos today.

You're soooo far beyond photogenic. It's kinda sickening!

Wil said...

"I didn't know Paris Hilton sold Mary Kay.

You officially owe me a new laptop, EL. Thank god it was water and not the Egg Nog I had been drinking a few minutes ago! Though somehow the thought of egg nod drooling down Paris and her pink Bentley does seem fitting.

mooshki said...

Dave - that's the symbol from the second "Librarian" movie. Simon and Noah Wyle have a secret society! LOL.

selenakyle said...

Wino is jacked outta her mind. But looked a lot healthier in the nekkid surf pix.

Monalicious said...

Hello, Everyone. I'm reader #1, in the KISS shirt. Crazy thing about this pic, it was taken last Friday, and I ended up in the hospital 3 days later with pnemonia!!! Luckily, didn't need to stay too long. Now I'm just hangin' at home, happy that I can breath for Christmas!!!!

NEVER go to a Christmas party at a nursing home!!!!

And yes, KISS is my favorite band in the world!!!!

Reader #2, you and your baby are too sweet for words!!! Enjoy every day with your little one. My babies are teenagers now, and I miss "the baby years" so much!!!!

Enty, thank you so much for letting us "regular jane's" be celebrities for a day!!!!! Love ya and looking forward to another great year of CDAN!!!!

mooshki said...

Yikes, Monalicious! I'm glad it wasn't too serious!

Yellow Rose said...

That looks like an African Serval that Bai Ling is holding, so I seriously doubt that it's declawed. Even though they're wild, they do actually make great pets (with just the right owners, that is). A Savannah is a cross b/n a Serval & a Bengal (usually) & make awesome pets, as do Bengals (I should know, I'm owned by 2 (an F1 & an F2)(again-great pets, w/ the right people-you gotta know what you're getting into if you're considering getting one) :)

My fiance & I would LOVE to have a Serval or a Savannah, unfortunately we don't have the $ or the space for one....maybe someday...

Katja said...

That is totally America not Eva! I think this must be some kind of running joke. Posting a picture and saying it is someone else. b/c there have been about 5-7 times I've done a double take and thought 'that looks nothing like xx".

Wishing a happy healthy holiday to all!

shakey said...

Wow, Amy's at an all-inclusive resort. Booze costs less that way.

I risk the flames - Eva will have a decent career when she gets back to movies. She's not a bad actress - better than some, not as good as others.

That poster KICKS ASS. Hilary Duff knows how to insult, doesn't she? Nice to see Samantha getting her Hanukkah shopping done.

The Mary Kay pink is much more subtle, so I will go with Mooshki's Pepto Bismol.

I think if I actually see some results with my Wii Fit I will submit a picture in June. Maybe.

Simon is expressing his Inner Hoff. And yes, that does look like a Freemason symbol. Scary.

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