Friday, December 26, 2008

Damn You Michael Cera

You might recall that I posted about a month ago about how Michael Cera didn't want anything to do with an Arrested Development movie. My guess it is about money and getting himself a bigger part in it. His camp says that he just felt the show said it all and nothing else needs to be said.

Well the news is that somehow Michael Cera is actually holding up the production of the film. According to a Fancast interview with Arrested creator Mitch Hurwitz, at one point Will Arnett and Michael Cera were holding up production. Will was more of a money thing and has been "gung ho" about the project since day one. But, Hurwitz said that Michael Cera is causing the whole thing to be halted. My question is how? Write him out. Who the hell needs him for the film? I don't know if he is being wishy washy and so they don't know to write him in or out, or if the producers are so desperate to tap into the Superbad crowd that they will give in to his demands.

Honestly, you don't need him. His movies have not done well. He is completely one dimensional and I think the world will be fine if he does not have sex with his cousin on the big screen. Kick him to the curb. Do like the Vacation movies. They did just fine with a different Rusty and Audrey everytime. They were filler and that is what Michael Cera is as well.


Jenny S said...

Amen! I have seen Juno, Super Bad and an episode of Veronica Mars and he is always George Michael Bluth. He is kind of cute but his one dimensional schtick is wearing thin, big time. It appears his "acting" only knows one note so why not capitalize while he can. Arrested Development is a major cult hit that has gained more buzz since getting canceled. It will be a hit movie - with or without Michael Cera.

KellyLynn said...

I liked Juno and Superbad, but I didn't watch them for Michael Cera. He was just one step above filler in both of those movies as well, even if he was listed as a costar. Arrested Development will be just fine without him.

mooshki said...

Not to throw a cold fact on a hot rumor, but didn't someone say last week that what's holding it up is the fact they don't have a script yet?

BlackseatDriver said...

This does not make sense to me, ie Cera holding up production. He was very vocal about doing the Arrested movie, in fact I want to say he was the first on onboard. I am also disturbed by rumors of Cera reprising the role of Gilligan! Beyonce as Ginger!.. Sacrilege I tell you.. this was rolled out by Pinky McFatty..aka you know who..

mooshki said...

I was wrong. Read another article today (TV Guide?) that Cera really is the only holdup. They don't want to start a script until they know which actors to write for. Maybe it's because he may get Gilligan? Anyway, screw you, Cera!

Ms. said...

@ BlackseatDriver

Sorry, babe, but you're wrong about that. Cera has been very vocal about NOT wanting to do the film.

To me, Cera was filler in Arrested Development. He was the least interesting character and the movie will not suffer one bit if his character is absent.

mabel said...

He should put his ego aside and realize this is a joint ensemble project where everyone will benefit.

If not, then he can expect his career will nosedive. You don't single-handedly kill a golden goose and not pay for it.

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