Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When Did He Stop Dating Kate Hudson?

When I was reading all the stories today about Lance Armstrong and his sperm, it occurred to me at some point that his desire to have children may have caused the split between Lance and Sheryl Crow.

Judging by the way Lance likes to impregnate women, I'm wondering if he and Sheryl tried to have a baby and for whatever reason she could not have one naturally. They broke up and she adopted. Don't know why Lance would not want to adopt, unless of course he feels he has to show the world his sperm is stronger than everyone else in the world.

Then, after I got done reminding myself that he has always done the dumping in his relationships and basically acting like an ass, he gets a free pass because of all the work he does for cancer research. His baby is due in June which by my calculations means he and his girlfriend did the deed around September. Ummm. Wasn't Lance dating Kate Hudson in September? If he wasn't dating her, then it must have been like a first date pregnancy thing with his girlfriend and future baby mama. Perhaps Kate Hudson scented out that it was not the Burger King cologne Lance was wearing, but the scent of another woman who he dared sleep with while dating Kate Hudson and spending time with her family. Maybe it was not Lance who dumped Kate, but instead it was she who did the dumping when she found out she had been betrayed by Lance. She threw her hand to her face and declared something about having the vapors and threw him out.

Oh. I forgot. After Kate was Mary Kate Olsen. He gave that a shot but probably decided that as much as he wanted a kid, Mary Kate might not be the best idea for a mother. Mary Kate begat Tory Burch but she was on the Pill so, he moved on to Anna Hansen, who despite the similarity of the last name is not related to the baby factor Hanson family of MMMBop fame.

Wow. He has been busy. I'm too lazy to do the timeline though to see when he went out with all of these people and if he was dating any of them when Anna became pregnant.


Anonymous said...

I thought he'd lost his baby makers to cancer.

And having the vapors made me laugh.

Merry Xmas, Enty.

ItsJustMe said...

This man has super sperm. I am amazed his swimmers are still up and running.

janele said...

I think he broke up with Kate in July. Boy must train his sperm when he's training.

GladysKravitz said...

Hmm. The guy left his wife of many years--and the mother of his children-- after she stood by him through cancer and his comeback. Once he made it, he dumped her faster than a dead goldfish hits the potty.

So he's not an angel.

And the reason her pregnancy is so amazing is that after chemo and radiation, few survivors of testicular cancer have sperm that can spawn. Most testicular cancer patients freeze some sperm before treatment, in case they want children later in life.

In fact, it might be a little too amazing. We don't know anything about her, but if he was hanging with Mary Kate or whomever in September, I wonder who was entertaining her last September?

Or...did he use artificial insemination to make another Little Lance? He seems egotistical enough to want to make one more child in his graven image, with frozen sperm.

Just speculating.

abigail7881 said...

I thought that his kids with his ex-wife was through artificial insemination because of the chemo/radiation. Maybe this kid now was conceived the same way... But wouldn't you normally want to be dating someone, if not be married to them, for longer than oh, say a month, before going through artif insem process? Its not like getting knocked up through a one onight stand kind of thing, you actually have to prepare to get pregnant instead of "forgetting" to take The Pill or use a condom.

Goodgrief said...

I was always under the impression that Lance did not want more kids and Sheryl did and that was one reason they why they broke up. Anyway this was very surprising to me, as I didn't even know he was dating anyone. Not that I really cared.

justawhim said...

I think the alleged Mary Kate thing was like a year ago. I say "alleged" because it was a tabloid report, as I believe, with no pictures, etc. I just smacked to me of one of those made-up stories. Not that Lance isn't a dog--he completely is an a-hole. According to Lainey and Ted C., Kate did break up with him, despite his PR team's best efforts to make it seem otherwise. He's so arrogant.

TV said...

lance didnt dump his wife after she saw him through cancer. His wife has come out openly and discussed why their marriage failed. I think she has also written about it either in magazines or in a book.

She also met him during his first rounds of chemo. He was already diagnosed.

and yeah, his kids with Kristen were from his frozen sperm.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Sheryl Crow>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lance Armstrong.

What a choad.

tedtedted said...

It shows that not all is as it seems - ent is just cut and pasting things of other websites not actually in the know. Today saw this story somewhere else and already noted that it was Ashley Olsen that hooked up with him according to press at the time. Easy mistake I know but just shows if you dig a little with these websites the facts just arnt there

Unknown said...

If Lance has made a woman pregnant, it was on purpose. He has a cache of frozen sperm and cannot accidentally impregnate a woman. He's sterile from cancer radiation.

bionic bunny! said...

he still has one testicle, and i THOUGHT he was able to procreate. scotty hamilton went through the same thing, and had a child after the fact. honestly don't know if it happened naturally or not.

stiffkittens said...

Kate Hudson gives a whole new meaning to the phrase - vagina: It's not a clown car.

nancer said...

i'm not sure i believe any of this bullshit. he's a pig. he's gearing up to do the tour de france again and says it's for 'cancer awareness.' more likely it's for his enormous, unquenchable ego and getting this story splashed all over the place about him knocking up his girlfriend of the moment gives him that 'heroic cancer survivor' image he (and his sponsors) wants. he's got banked swimmers---i think they used those like his ex did.
i don't believe much lance does isn't for publicity. he's a shameless self-promoter.

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