Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Now That Is A Classy Christmas

I have always said that nothing quite says the Holidays than sisters with body paint on their breasts. Added to the festive spirit is they are wearing the name of the guy who pays them to be his girlfriend. Hey, but it's Hef right? He can get with this kind of stuff. You know what I find most disturbing about the picture? With all of the airbrush professionals at Playboy and all of Hef's rules, somehow one of the twins managed to hang on to her phone during the actual photo. Is her life that important and that all time consuming that she could not put down the phone for one second while a photo was taken? I can just see her now.

"Yeah. Old dude in the bathrobe. Could we get this over with in the next couple of minutes. My BFF is telling me about this great party I want to go to. God this pain itches. Hey, I'm going to need a few thousand because I told her I would pay for everything tonight. I promise when I get back I will pretend I like you for a couple of hours."

Thanks to Huffington Post for the photo.


Unknown said...

Hef's got gayface.

Anonymous said...

fester - if he's sleeping with those twins, that's the least of his problems.

Just ew.

GladysKravitz said...

Why bother with a Christmas tree when you're rich enough to pay someone to decorate the ornaments for you? Who said women weren't objects?

If they're both sleeping with him, I feel ill. If they're not, I just feel disgusted that anyone would think so badly of women that this might be some kind of turn on. Let's look at photos of naked domestic violence victims next. What's the difference? Women really are just here for your sexual fantasies.

OK. End of lecture. Just hit me wrong. I'm getting off the soap box now.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Oh, Gladys, I know. But at least this very wise and sophisticated pair CHOSE to objectify themselves. Sigh. Imagine their parents. Imagine their horror.

I'm way more likely to become enraged by anorexic models (especially in magazines geared towards teenage girls) than I am by fake-tittied women in dumb ol' Playboy. I wouldn't want to be either of those girls, but it's their choice to do the (ummm, SLIGHTLY incestuous, ewww) nasty with an octegenarian.

On a more shallow note, Hef can find WAY more attractive golddiggers in any Las Vegas stripjoint, probably. I don't get his attraction to these two.

BlackseatDriver said...

Yeah..I'm not buying what Hef is selling anymore either..I still like the guy..I'm just not buying it..not into the twins either...they got a serious case of Sharkeye...favorite line from kills me everytime..

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