Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Samantha Makes Money Off Lindsay

Ever wonder why Lindsay Lohan is always tagging along with Samantha Ronson when they head off to some dj gig in the middle of nowhere. Oh sure, it could be love and they just can't stand to be apart. It could be the fact that Lindsay doesn't really have anything else going on in her life and so she tags along. But, according to the Daily Express in the UK, they did a little study of how much Samantha was making for her gigs before and after her relationship with Lindsay.

Turns out that a year ago you could get Sam into your club for a night for about $1500. Not bad for a night's work at all, but she wasn't getting rich or anything. Next thing you know she is dating Lindsay Lohan and her fees have gone up to $25,000 for a night plus airfare and expenses and any other goodies she can get. Turns out that although her contract doesn't say Lindsay is going to show up, all of the promoters and club owners know there is a very good chance Lindsay will show up and thus are willing to pay the extra fees.

So, maybe this is how Lindsay is making her money and why Sam keeps Lindsay around.


LoCo said...

In other news, the Pope was discovered to be Catholic.

BlackseatDriver said...

In other news, ParisHilton means Community Water Cistern ,in many of the small towns throughout France.

KellyLynn said...

Hell, I would be happy to just make the $1,500 a gig.

Pink Skull said...

Hahahahah loco! Speaking of them two, hasn't Lindsay Lohan ran out of money yet? She hasn't been working and she spends money like a mofo. Isn't Sam Ronson loaded? Isn't her dad a billionaire music producer? That must be where Lindsay is getting all of her money from these days.

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