Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Robert Mulligan - RIP
Everyone keeps saying Britney had the comeback of the year, but I have to give it to Lily Allen. She realized on her own she was making an ass out of herself and did something about it. If you look at her transformation from January-December it is pretty incredible. The reason I give her the edge is that she has done it on her own. If Britney was left to her own devices, I'm not sure she could do it. Plus, Lily looks smoking here. No, not the cigarettes, but just her whole look.
Love him or hate him, Adrian Grenier does a charity event about two or three times a month and you just have to admire that about the guy.
Tied with Verne Troyer or is Verne still on top for I'm going to be sick photo of the year?
Two things. I can't remember the last time I saw Christina Aguilera without her wig or extensions. Also, note to Christina. Umm. While you seems to change clothes several times daily, your husband has worn that Mickey Mouse shirt about 10 times in the past month. Now, I know Jordan is just like most guys who wear one shirt repeatedly. I do it as well. The difference is that I don't have my photo in the tabloids everyday. So, please get him a new shirt.
A first time appearance for Chase Johnson who immediately has moved into a tie with Billy Bob Thornton for skinniest dude in Hollywood.
"So, then Charles said, "he who smelt it, dealt it."
So, what's the point of the writing on Gavin Rossdale's leg? It is hard for anyone to read. Although I'm sure he would love to hear, "hey can you adjust your d**k, I can't read all the writing.
Hugh Jackman. I know. I got nothing. He has been in too many times lately.
Josh Hartnett on his last night doing Rain Man. Well not actually doing him because they are brothers and that would be wrong.
Jeffrey Osborne - Atlanta
Jordin Sparks - Perth
I love Kristen Scott Thomas.
Madness - London
I can't believe there is not video of this somewhere on YouTube. I just know Mary Kate Olsen must have fell at some point and I want to see it.
Oasis - New York
Glad Portia and Ellen got over whatever hump they were having. They look great together.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2 &3
Robert Pattinson looks completely different. Glad to see him with the haircut. I was really getting tired of the Edward Cullen look.
I want to know at what point you just say to yourself, screw it, I'm going to go completely fake.
This is Sahar Daftary. Most of you won't know who she is, but she won the Face Of Asia competition. She killed herself over the weekend when she found out her boyfriend was married. She did so by jumping off a ten story balcony. The boyfriend was in the apartment they shared when she did it. I know, I know. Married and living with two women in two different places. I want to know why he didn't try and stop her from jumping.
Is Vanessa Hudgens doing the middle finger thing on purpose or by accident.
Whitesnake - Tilburg, Netherlands


West End Girl said...

Lily's just switched back from booze to coke. I'm sure if BritBrit did that, rather than Meth, she might be in a better place too *eyeroll*

Anonymous said...

Lily looks very nice hopefully she will stay clean.

Amy looks horrible.

Didn't recognize Christina without her extensions.

Hugh Jackman - very nice

Kristen Scott - very pretty lady.

Robert Pattinson - don't see the attraction.

Who is the tranny lol?

Rare Avis said...

Oooooooooooooh that is so sad. She must have been so upset. Geeshh that really tears my heart out.

merrick said...

Whats up with America's Favorite Couple?? Spill ..

adore said...

Thanks for the Robert and the Oasis picture :P

mooshki said...

Verne still wins, hands down. Amy actually has kinda cute boobs. Who knew?

Ah, Madness. Back when MTV actually showed videos, they were the best.

Thank god R.Patz got rid of that god-awful hair. Still not hot, though, imo.

Accident, definitely. Vanessa H. poos rainbows.

Maja With a J said...

I like Lily Allen. I like her much better than Katy Perry for example. I'm glad to see her getting her shit together. Her new single is pretty good!

Amy Winehouse actually looks pretty healthy in comparison to how she has looked in the past year. I definitely don't think she's sober (I watched the video of her dancing naked on the balcony), but at least she appears to have eaten. I really hope she, too, gets her shit together. She is so talented, and she is wasting all of it.

ItsJustMe said...

Men are dumb. Women, please raise your sons not to be liars or cheaters or think it's ok to mistreat women. Also, please raise your daughters to not be dependent on men for your happiness.

That's a real shame - Sahar was a beauty.

Ms. said...

Lily also didn't have someone drugging her. Brit did.

Off topic here - just spoke with my brother and he's stranded in Halifax where he's trying to get back to Ontario after a business trip. Looks like that isn't happening for three more days. Gotta love East Coast winters. No power in most of the city. All bus service has just been cancelled too due to hurricane force winds.

Anyway, a flight to Europe was cancelled at the last minute and the airline clerk obviously didn't feel like explaining to 300 people why they wouldn't have their luggage for five hours...

So clerk made a detailed announcement about how the doors to the plane were frozen shut and there was too much snow on the ground for the de-icing equipment to get to the plane. So they were towing the plane out to one of the runways so their equipment could get to the plane to de-ice it and whatnot. Then they had to tow the plane back to the building et cetera. This announcement received a round of cheers and applause. Yeah, after sleeping in the airport for a few days, people are getting punchy.

Air Canada staff (except ticket agents) are no where to be found at the Halifax airport. It appears they walked off the job. Every single help desk is vacant. A publicist is one of stranded passengers and she called every news outlet (TV, radio & print) in Halifax and CTV was the first to arrive. The cheering was loud & long that my brother heard it at the other end of the airport. He has lots of time and went to investigate. Hundreds of passengers are revolting as I type this missive.

Nice to see the passengers are bonding ;-)

I am so glad I'm not travelling this year. To those of you who are, I hope all of you have a safe and speedy journey.

kris said...

I'd take naked Amy on meth, heroin and me over Verne anyday. And I don't even swing that way...

I'm still having nightmares over that pic...ewwwwwwww

mooshki said...

Thanks, Ms., you made me feel a lot better about the extremely bitter cold here. At least I get to go home and curl up with my dog under a warm blanket in a couple of hours. :)

Ms. said...

Where are you, Mooshki?

mooshki said...

Minneapolis. Brrr! It was -7 at noon.

Ms. said...

I love Minneapolis. Got the best haircut of my life there. I used to live in Duluth, so yes, I know winter ;-)

Wil said...

Holy Cow!! I am in Minneapolis - Saint Paul, too! Keep Warm Mooshki!! And don't throw you back out shoveling like I did this weekend!! I am crying over the thought of more snow tonight and tomorrow .. but at least it is causing the air to warm the hell up!!

Anyway .. uh .. my take on the Amy/Verne deal .. Amy didn't make me wanna gouge my eyes out .. so Verne still takes the "MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!" Cake.

Stay warm all ..

mooshki said...

Neat, Ms. - most of my friends are from Duluth!

Wil, sorry about your back. I am really tired of shoveling. I'm used to a bunch of little snows, or a big storm or two, but we keep getting waves of 4-6". You never get a break to rest up! Also, we usually either get heavy snow or bitter cold, and this year we have both. Brrr!

BlackseatDriver said...

I am reading all the snow comments with jealousy..I am in Northern Ca and the best we can do for the holiday is rain, and not even a decent downpour...I'm an East Coast transplant for aleast 25 years but still not used to not having snow..Christmas on a sunny days..SUX!

Maja With a J said...

I'm not complining about the cold snap or the snow. This is my first really white christmas in several years, and I'm enjoying it immensely. I much prefer winter to summer anyway. People cover up!

Anonymous said...

Naked hairless little person outdoes topless toothless Amy.

Hugh Jackman looks that good deplaning? That is completely unfair.

I love KST, too, Ent. She's awesome.

Readers are adorable. Outyourselves!

And my ideal weather: 70 degrees and 6 inches of snow. If that were possible, I'd be a happy man.

mooshki said...

DN, I was going to add something about Troyer peeing in the corner, but I can totally see Amy doing that too.

I've always been pissed that cold has to go along with snow.

Green Wave Gal said...

Ugh...I'm flying on Wednesday from LA to NYC...I'm already dreading the possibilities. But I'm Jewish so if I'm a little late, it's not like I'll be sad about missing Christmas! :)

I still don't really get the Pattinson thing but I think the haircut is an improvement.

That fake woman is scary looking!

The first reader with the adorable kiddo looks like she's in a NY pizza parlor!

Jeffrey Osborne looks the same as he did 20 years ago!

Hugh = yummy and scruffy!

I think X-tina is SO much prettier this way!

ms_wonderland said...

That model's boyfriend has been arrested. Seems she didn't fall by choice.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore Kristen Scott Thomas, too.

nancer said...

wino might look a little more well-fed but no way she's all cleaned up. fucked-up-edness of that caliber requires a lengthy period of rehab. it probably took at least a week just to detox her. she needs to be in an INPATIENT facility for a long stay. she'll be back on the pipe in no time---probably was in the pictures.

lutefisk said...

Happy Chanukah Green Wave Gal!!

lmnop123 said...

Mooshki I'm in Illinois which is freezing right now but I've also been to Morris Minnesota (many years ago) and Illinois is balmy comparing to Minnesota.

So I'll take our cold weather over yours anyday.

shakey said...

I met Madness when I was ... damn, 17? They were at a mall in Pickering (of all places). My friend and I were the only fans there. One of the guys asked if they were famous. Another one got pissed off with the manager when we told them they weren't in Toronto but some out of the way suburb.

Does David Coverversion still front Whitesnake?

PotPourri said...

ENTY TAKE IT BACK! You can never have to much Jackman! NEVER!

I cannot believe that gorgeous women killed herself over some jerk. He did not deserve her. No decent woman deserves that.

Stephanie said...

Hello! Reader #2 here! DMfromMN asked that us readers out ourselves so...I'm Stephanie (from NJ) and that's Kim on the right...she's one of my very best girlfriends.

That picture was taken at my bachelorette party in October. (Thanks Sharon for taking such a great pic!)

Kim and I have been reading this site for ages and are HUGE fans. I know I can speak for Kim when I say that it is an honor to have our picture posted here! Thanks Enty for making my night -- or more like my year!

(Sorry if this is a dup - I wrote a comment and then got an error when I posted.)

Unknown said...

Amy Winehouse is absolutely PLUMP compared to her previous pics! I hope this means she's giving her body a rest from drugs and feeding it instead. She has a long way to go but the poochy tummy is an encouraging sign....

Kirstin Scott Thomas is all class. Love her.

I'm sick of these good-looking readers! (ha-ha). You're all so beautiful and look so happy! And I'm glad you've included pictures that show something of your life. Thank you for sharing!!

Green Wave Gal said...

Thanks lutefish! :) You too?!

Unknown said...

Here in Australia it is supposed to be summer. I say supposed to be because we are currently experiencing our second rainstorm in as many days.

This is rare for us because we are also supposed to be in a drought and previously didnt see rain for about 5 months. Got to love australian weather patterns:)

lutefisk said...

Green Wave--yes, it's me, Adrian. I am lutefisk for the holidays--don't ask!!

Jerry said...

I just know Mary Kate Olsen must have fell at some point and I want to see it.

Good thing you're not getting graded for grammar, my friend.

And to Mooshki in MN and everyone else in the northlands...I sympathize. It was so cold in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday I almost couldn't wear shorts.

Merry Christmas to youse guys what celebrate it, Happy Hanukah to my fellow MOTs; a Kwazy Kwanzah to my African American pals {what are we supposed to say? Happy Kwanzah? Merry Kwanzah?} and Happy Holidays to all of the atheists, agnostics, undecideds and the occasional COS passerby.

Donna said...

Robert Pattinson is hot no matter how long or short his hair. YUMMMMY...

Donna said...

Robert Pattinson is hot no matter how long or short his hair. YUMMMMY...

Anonymous said...

@Jerry - Here in Vancouver we have over a metre of snow but that doesn't stop some vancouverites from wearing shorts!

Carte Blanche said...

OT - About Snow
Canada is having its first "White Christmas" since 1971. It's been almost 40 years since all regions had snow for the holidays.

I grew up on the West Coast and most Christmases I could wear a t-shirt or a light sweater outside.

mooshki said...

Jerry, anytime the temperature is 20 or above, we get crazy people wearing shorts. My brother is one of them. Freaks!

Green Wave, I'm the one to blame for driving Adrian into a new name, but I have grown so fond of "lutefisk," I don't want her to change back! :)

lutefisk said...

I, too have grown quite fond of lutefisk.

Green Wave Gal said...

Lute-Now that I know it's you, I can get used to it! :)

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