Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Download Music To Your Heart's Content

Knowing they were ultimately going to lose the fight, the RIAA has announced they will no longer sue anyone who is caught illegally downloading music from the internet. Instead they will focus on new technology to make it impossible to download music illegally. Good luck with that. Instead of suing everyone and trying to justify the huge damage awards they had got written into law, they will instead warn internet service providers that someone is illegally downloading music and hope the internet service provider will pass along the warning and then if you continue will try and have your service turned off. At that point of course you will simply find a new internet service provider so that doesn't really seem to be in the ISP's interest.

So, if you have been meaning to download that Alvin And The Chipmunks holiday album illegally but were afraid of having your neighbors find out about when you were sued, go ahead and do it.


mooshki said...

Am I a dinosaur? I paid to download the Chipmunks album. "I still want a hooolahooop."

Maja With a J said...

I used to do the Napster and Limewire thing and download stuff for free all the time. These days though, I am a slave to iTunes.

Tania said...

Exactly - what business-smart ISP is going to alienate customers like that?
I'm sure some ISPs will knuckle under, but unless there's a strong legal penalty for ignoring RIAA warnings, I imagine most will just shrug and say it's not their problem.

Maybe this is the beginning of the end for big business trying to lock that old stable door after the horse has fucked off! But yeah, good luck to them, with the trying to make illegal downloading impossible....

KellyLynn said...

I haven't gotten into any trouble for downloading, but my guy did, twice. Most recently, we were warned by the ISP we had at our last apartment about an illegally-downloaded copy of a movie. The ISP had been notified by a third-party company that monitored torrents. We had to report to that company that there were no traces of that file on our system.
In any case, I'm glad the RIAA has decided to go that route, but I wish they would have thought of it sooner. They can't totally stop people who really want to get an illegal copy, but they can make it harder. I wonder if the movie people will announce the same thing soon, or if they're happy taking people to court.

Wil said...

I will admit that it always seems illegal to me .. way back when Napster was the rage in the mid-90s. And so I never took interest in it - the downloading or the actions of the RIAA... whom I guess I saw as trying to protect the artists and their cash flow.

BUT .. when I read an article, perhaps, 2 years ago about the RIAA suing some dude in Arizona over downloads that he insisted were merely ripped from his CDs. Some punk from the RIAA flippantly spouting that maybe they would find a way to sue people who downloaded their CDs to their computers?? Oh no .. that was when I pricked up my ears and decided the RIAA was overstepping.

I will still buy my music .. because I am always leery that a files of all types have hidden badness in them. But .. it is nice to know that if you want .. for the time being and until they can technically stop you .. you can.

Why .. we are getting closer and closer to that paradise world of no money and free stuff from Star Trek everyday .. aren't we!! ; )

Unknown said...

LOL Wil. The technology I am waiting for from Star Trek, among many, is the food replicator so I don't have to cook! And the transporter, of course.

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