Friday, December 26, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Eartha Kitt - RIP

John Costelloe - RIP
Unlike some former child actors, Alyssa Milano only passes out food for charity and not as their career.
Bono and his wife at U2's Christmas party. I'm sure the entire evening was devoted to Bono telling the assembled how he should just be sainted right now. At the party was Chris Martin who was without his wife. Where was she?
Ms. Paltrow was at Madonna's Christmas party.
Judging from the look on Cruz Beckham's face he would rather have gone to McDonalds instead of Gordon Ramsay's for dinner.
Just like to throw in a random UK star now and again. Here is Delta Goodrem.
Wow. You know I love Gwen Stefani, but I now know what she is going to look like when she is 80.
Jennifer Lopez was wearing the ring, but all alone doing her shopping. I have not seen her out with her kids in awhile either.
Speaking of kids, what in the name of Santa Claus is Mel B's oldest daughter wearing? And on a side note of snark, how much do you want to bet that Michael Belafonte "borrowed" some money from Mel to get whatever he is eating.
Melissa Joan Hart also serving food, but apparently taking a break while all the homeless wait in line wondering why everyone is taking photos.
Melissa Gilbert looks great. Hell, so does Bruce Boxleitner.
"One more crack about the beard, and I'm going to reinstate debtor's prison."
"Did you happen to see your brother's beard. Why I haven't laughed that hard since his dad had one."

Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2. Are those for me?
If Zara Phillips spins fast enough she can actually get off the ground a little.


West End Girl said...

RIP Eartha Kitt :(

Delta Goodrem is an Aussie, not a Brit.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Gotta say that honestly, HRH Wills looks *infinitely* better than his father ever did in a beard.
Thank the Gods that Di's genes are the dominant ones in that mix.

jax said...

you can have every last damn one.
at first i wasn't sure, then i loved them for about 30 seconds and then i hated them very much after that.

prince chuck looks like sherlock holmes!

Anonymous said... goodrem is australian.

Monalicious said...

Wow! We have the best looking readers on the web!!!!

Mmmmmmmmmm......... Chicken crackers!!! Yummy!!!

Unknown said...

Jax, I knew it! ;)

Just the name of those things sounds disgusting to me... Beuark!

Beth said...

Indeed, Delta is Australian. However, if the Brits want to claim her, please do.

CarolMR said...

Yes, RIP, Eartha.

Anonymous said...

I think William looks good with the beard. The bald spot, not so much.

Alyssa Milano's come a long way. Good for her.

Jasmine said...

i am the same age almost as prince beard and he is making us 26 year olds look fucking old with that thing. Becks,,,, sigh. Love that weird propeller hat (skinnny white girls wear the oddest shit!)
p.s. 7 days and counting.....:p

Jasmine said...

pps. chicken in a biskit crackers scare me, and are oddly filling, i had a few once and just those few made me breathe slightly heavyer and i had to sit down breifly.

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* @ reader pic #2. Do we have any pictures of readers with Lutefisk?

MontanaMarriott said...

Eartha, you were the epitome of style, grace and sophistication, you will be truly missed in my eyes!

mooshki said...

Ha, I agree, Jax. I ate about 4, and that seemed like enough for a lifetime. They're intense! Apart from that, great picture! :)

100 Worest Blogs said...

nice pics i like that she was so sexy
and good images keep posting i love her

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MnGddess said...

Jax, I love you. I need a blood transfusion to get some of your chutzpah. (AGH! Couldn't think of another word!)

Maybe by the next time reader photos come up I will have enough guts to send in a photo. Or I can send in a photo of my daughter. Looks nothing like me and she's gorgeous.

Linda said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bruce Boxleiter! Thanks for the great pic!

Liebez said...

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