Sunday, April 15, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 5, 2018

I'm not sure why they would lie about this, but this on the rebound former A list comic says she doesn't talk to this one named legend any longer. Not true. They are still best friends and talk all the time.

Kathy Griffin/Cher


fnchrstphr said...

Who cares indeed.

kiki71 said...

Could be it is part or the 'terms' of the friendship in a way. Kathy is poison to anyone or anything these days and maybe rather than alienate Cher she is keeping her personally close to the cuff and appeased while taking a hit professionally. It might be a magnanimous gesture on Kathy's part or just plain desperation to keep the few friends she has. I have a gay friend who was constantly at Kathy's house with her entourage and she was described as utterly inaccessible. She'd have gaggles of gay men over then disappear and never socialize. Just lock herself in a room, insulate herself, so weird.

Geeljire said...


Thia said...

@Geeljire - great. Now THAT song is stuck in my head. Jerk! :D haha

Charisma S said...

Did her entourage live with her? Were you guys her guests or the entourage’s? If you weren’t her guests it makes sense why she wasn’t interacting or hosting.

Andi F said...

Cher just doesn't give a flying f*ck what ppl think, she's Cher. Doubtful it's about her image.

DDonna Tarttty said...

Red ravens and crows
Of many a dark feather
Must stick together

orangesoda said...

Being associated with Kathy is like being besties with Kim Jong Un. So yeah, I get it. Cher is a dickhead too, though. You can't be friends with someone like Kathy and not be an insufferable toad yourself.

Cindy J said...

I think Kathy's career is in it's final stage. The Trump head was done to get attention because she'd already fallen into irrelevancy.

She's probably still speaking to Cher, Anderson Cooper and other friends but they can't be associated publicly with her.

Bob Barnett said...

All her shows are selling out.
Tough luck Trump fools!

Eff Yiew said...

Both of them probably get together and masturbate over their hatred of Trump, foaming at the mouths while they do so not realizing he lives gloriously rent free in their heads 24/7.

timebob said...

Not sure who sent this blind into Enty, but it’s bullshit. She said on Howard Stern a week ago she talks to Cher still. The only thing she said was she was upset Cher gave her shit about not talking to her first about the photo stunt that rubbed Kathy the wrong way.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

@Charisma S: But why would her “entourage” be actually living in-house with her? As in they have a toothbrush in her home’s bathroom and clothes in drawers?

Also, why would the entourage be allowed to invite people into the home if they’re not the homeowners’ guests?

Sure, we allow house staff to have social lives—but like my maids/chauffeur wouldn’t invite their friends to their employers’ home.

Sounds like an extreme lack of boundaries. Or someone in the “entourage” is being overly controlling.

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