Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Reader Blind Item

November 15, 2019

Nobody questioned the death of this noted character actor.  He had heart problems for awhile and was in fact in the process of having an operation scheduled when he died of an alleged heart attack.

This actor’s most recognizable role was in a film about incarceration with this permanent A+ Oscar nominated/Oscar winning deceased star.  At one point, the actor says a line of dialogue to the star that was much repeated and has become part of pop culture. The star was a fan of the actor and made sure he was cast in a number of his films. The actor was also in many episodes of this long running TV western as well as being in many movie westerns.  Later in his life he was in a film featuring two famous stoners and several horror movies.

If they had checked the medicine cabinet of his older, mentally unstable wife, they would have found poison that if taken could be mistaken for a heart attack.  She did  confide all to her psychiatrist. 

 Strother Martin (Paul Newman - Cool Hand Luke)


melissa said...

no failure to communicate then

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

"I think what we have here is a failure to communicate!"

mike m said...

" gonna send you to military school with the god damn finklstein shit kid"

Do Tell said...

I keep mixing this guy up with Scatman Crothers.


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