Sunday, June 28, 2020

Blind Item #1 - Reader Blind

A tale of what can be accomplished even when two artists hate each other....

These two musicians, who write together and take turns singing,  are the only permanent members of this band and have been playing together for several decades.  They started off in a city that was famous at the time for its musical scene which was ironic because this band made music that was very different in style from what was being produced by other musicians from this city.

The band has never had any big hits but has a global following and is well thought of by critics especially their first several records.  They have broken up a couple of times and both men have made solo albums but none of the solo records were successful so they have always end up getting back together.

What is surprising about this is the two men have never liked each other even from the early days of the band and basically work together without speaking or directly communicating with one another.  They live on different continents.

1.) Songwriting is done through e-mail and the exchange of lyrics and sound files. If there is a problem, the band's manager acts as go-between.

2.) In the studio, the two musicians record separately in different sessions with the same musicians with whichever of the two men is singing the song going second .

3.) On the road, they travel separately and stay in different hotels

4.) Live, it is interesting to watch them as both men also play the same instrument but they never make eye contact or acknowledge each other.

In fact, the only time the two men have spoken directly was when they played live and did a record with one of their musical heroes, something they have in common, a now deceased more famous cult artist.

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