Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Talking

Over the past few months, there is a group of people who are working on making a documentary about the life of this foreign born actor who tragically lost his life. He is a member of that gruesome celebrity club. While doing interviews, there was a common theme from several, but not all of the interviewees. He had experienced sexual abuse multiple times when trying to make it big. It was much more common when he was starting out. The people all agreed it had been a television project and that he said it was a big name. None of them knew the name. Just that the name was huge. They have done their homework and are sure they know who it is. They just need to find a person to confirm it.

They came to me with their suspicions and I introduced them to a former actress who I have previously written about here who was a witness to sexual abuse by the person these filmmakers suspected. That former actress has a list of a dozen names of people in the industry who have similar stories about this high profile person. They are definitely making progress that didn't seem possible even a year ago.

As for the death of the actor, everyone agrees the circumstances are crazy, but no one can tie it to any specific person and at this point think it is still an accident.

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