Monday, June 29, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Undercover

They want everyone to think it is canceled. It won't be the same as before. A much smaller, much more focused version is happening though in the woods of Northern California. In the second week of August, immediately proceeding the two national conventions, about 50 of the group will get together. They will still have their rituals. They are still bringing in "sex workers." They like to pretend the people brought in are working because they want to and not forced. Apparently there is also business to discuss. It is a lot easier to decide on a policy/policies with such smaller numbers and a group, who will then force everything on those who were not invited and so on down the line. Because it is such a small number, they are flying in everything they need food and security wise, rather than hiring any locals. The idea was no one would notice anything and by the time they did, the gathering would conclude.

The thing is though, this time they reached out to some people who have not been included before and not official members. They did not have to go through the years long vetting process. Someone from that group of five new people talked. They didn't know they were not allowed. I don't know all of the five names, but I do know two so far. One is a former A+ list politician who once got really really close to being A++ list. Another is the mogul who always seems to have his hands in everything. I'm sure he will be thrilled with the entertainment for the weekend. 

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