Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paris Hilton Feels Empty

A Paris Hilton post. It's been so long, but this post is oh so deserving for her comeback to the blog. I'm sure you heard that Paris Hilton is headed to Rwanda. I'm not sure she can spell it, but she's headed there.

Part of me wants to say something like the only reason she's going there is to make money. Hell, it is the only reason. She says she feels empty inside and that is why she's going. Filming this new reality show of hers is the only reason she's going and I want to trash her and vilify her for it. But I can't. It's what I was going to do and what I intended to do when I started thinking about this post, but I'm not.

Here's why.

Yes, Paris Hilton represents everything wrong in Hollywood, and when she says that she is going to change and do good works, she really only means she will do good works if there is something in it for her. The problem is that Paris Hilton is a celebrity and has a great deal of fame.

I abhor the fact that she is going to Rwanda for her own personal gain, but at the same time, whether we like Paris or not, or whether we agree that she is the ultimate narcissist, the fact is that her celebrity will draw attention to the continuing problems plaguing Rwanda. Journalists will no doubt follow her to the impoverished country and do some real reporting. Hotel Rwanda rentals and sales will increase and people who didn't know there was such a country or what genocide is, will take notice.

The other thing that I hope occurs is that Paris does actually spend some time in Rwanda and getting to know the people, the problems, and seeing how others in this world have no concept of who she is or why this overly made up blond has been dropped into their laps with television cameras. Somehow I doubt The Simple Life is a big hit in Rwanda. Maybe the experience will make Paris actually grow up. Maybe it will make her realize that there are other things to do in life and that there is a vast population of the world that simply works their asses off to live through another day.

Do I wish Paris was doing this out of the goodness of her heart? Of course. I still hope she gives her entire fee to some worthy charity there or here. Since she probably won't, I think we just need to accept the fact that sometimes we just have to swallow hard and look the other way because good things can happen even when the intentions are not.


Unknown said...

I admire your attempt to put a positive spin on this.

But you & I & everyone else knows that's all a crock of shit lol ;) said...

I don't know if its the money so much as the attention she's craving

wood1107 said...

Interesting perpective, ENT. I suppose that, regardless of the intention, her trip to Rwanda will help shine a spotlight on the country. Paris still sucks, though.

Unknown said...

I don't think Rwanda needs her kind of attention....honestly

ggg said...

Gotta believe that when her producers said they were going to see Rwanda, ph heard Rhonda and thought of an old friend from school/jail/valtrex user groups and figured "That's Hot!"

Reese said...

Rwandans have suffered enough; Paris is salt in their wounds.

Those international relief organizations will use any celeb with a pulse, no matter how revolting they are. I saw in the November issue of In Style that Youth Aids is still using the miserable Ashely Judd as their celebrity tool. Lots of photos of her being caring and compassionate; I wonder how many fits she threw on that junket. If you missed it the first time, the scoop on Ashley's behavior on a South African Youth Aids humanitarian trip is still on the message board under Random Gossip.

Lisa (not original) said...

How can anyone go to a place like that and remain unaffected? Seems impossible.

Unknown said...

Let's not forget that Cambodia completely turned Angelina Jolie around and she is now a very different person, at least on the outside.

I'm not sayin' that Paris is Angelina, but you just never know what might happen. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a slow transition to a mature, fully realized person.

Hey, I'm only trying to be optimistic, if a wee tad bit too idealistic!!

parissucksliterally said...

my only hope is that Paris will contract a flesh-eating disease while she is there.

wood1107 said...

Tee hee hee!

kellygirl said...

yo, Ent, get with the program

there is an unofficial media ban on the Parasite

do not print her name or photo, period

jax said...

Hey it may be Paris..but when was the last time any of you (me included) flew to Rwanda? Or even visited a local orphanage?

Give props where they are deserved..she's doing more than most of us.

GammaGirl said...

@ Reese: I also thought about the now infamous Ashely Judd trip. Could Paris really do anything worse than ashely did? I can't believe that be-yotch got to do a one-on-one with Madeline Albright!

I think that Paris probably knows that the public thinks she's a joke and that barring her entering a convent, she's going to have to do something related to helping a war torn country to get any credibility back.
I think she's in it for the publicity but hopefully she'll get something out of it.

kellygirl said...

jax, please don't make me puke!!!!!!

I think every single person on this site does more good for humanity in a single day than Parasite has in a lifetime.

besides, i believe the rampant spread of STD's cancels out any good she could possibly pretend to bring to the table

jax said...

are you going to rwanda? i'm not..anyone here?

its ok when Cameron Diaz, JT, Angelina and Madonna do it but crucify Paris cuz she's going to bring light to a situation you or I cannot???

Give her a fuckin break at least she's going..good intentions or not. How many people on this site would go if they had the time or money? Let's be real we're not on this site talking about about 3rd world countries and genocide kids.
It's gossip. so excuse me when I say "hmm good for her, at least she's going. more than i can do"

Anonymous said...

ENT, get a fucking clue. If you and all of the other gossip columnists stop talking about the herpes infested garbage slut, she will go away.

I hope that a drunk driver mows the cunt down. Fuck Parasite.

link88 said...

I'm with you, Jax.
And good post, Ent - great writing! (I mean it, I am not being facetious).

Anonymous said...

I think that your attempt to give her the benefit of the doubt is unfounded. She is taking a camera crew to film her. She keeps talking about how hard she works, which for anyone in a 9-5 job to pay the rent sounds ludicrous, let alone anyone who lives in Rwanda or in the US under the poverty line. I hate (and I can't say this enough) that she keeps defending herself as working hard. She has no idea what that means. Any of us working 40 hours a week know that that is a lie. Any of us would love to have the opportunity she has to help others.
What she really needs to do is acknowledge how lucky she is and then help--without a camera crew. She actually needs to do something, not
"raise awareness" through parties. She needs to talk about how she is unusually blessed (by birth) and how she can spread that around. She must stop whining about how she is misundertood.
The fact that she won't just shows how out of touch and deluded she is.

Hez said...

Here's the Ashley Judd/Youth AIDS junket story - what a fiasco! Thanks to Reese325 (I assume the same reese that is here?) for posting it over on the CDAN EZboard a while back, cuz it has actually been removed from the original location. You'll see why. This is a must-read, guys!

And I guess I see Ent's point. At least someone is trying to teach her the difference between positive and negative attention. I suppose theoretically, if we reward the good deeds, there might be more of them. Might.

I can't believe I just defended her. Must... disinfect... brain... Paging vodka - STAT!

noel said...

Don't worry guys, Paris will find someway (or someone) to screw it up afterwards...


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