Thursday, June 19, 2008

$275,000 For A Cameo?

Queen Latifiah is not pleased and when the Queen is not pleased then her lawyers get busy and get suing. Apparently Queen Latifah was in a film called "The Perfect Holiday." I didn't see it and had never heard of it previously despite the fact that it starred Terrence Howard and Gabrielle Union. I thought I had seen every film that Gabrielle Union had made, but I guess I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyway, I don't think any of you saw the film either because as of today it has grossed about $5.8M.

Well the Queen sued because she was not paid what she was promised to show up in the film for a minute. She was supposed to be paid $275,000 for that minute of screen time. I am no rocket scientist but if you were to extrapolate that out to a 90 minute film, then the Queen would be asking for almost $25M.

Now, I know she is popular and I enjoy her films, but there is no way on this earth that she is worth $275,000 a minute. If she was that popular and that in demand, then this damn film would have made more than $5.8M. I mean Lindsay Lohan's bomb of a film made more than that. You can make $5.8M just by opening in enough theatres on a busy weekend because people will go see your film when everything else is sold out.

$5.8M is like getting that first 400 points for free on your SAT. Everyone gets it. That is not to say that the Queen is not due her money. I mean a deal is a deal is a deal, but I'm guessing this film lost a bunch of money. I know the Queen is going to probably get married soon, and has some extra expenses headed her way, but I don't think she is going to get a dime from this effort. She will end up paying her attorneys way more than she will ever recover.


Unknown said...

She also narrates the film

Julie said...

sadly, i've seen it (or at least some of it, my dad is a bit of a sap and loves obscure holiday movies. oh and Gabrielle Unions ass.)

But yeah, I thought she was the narrator.

And if she was promised the salary, its not her fault they're not paying what they promised...


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